12 September 2007

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my friend ly in new york sent this street vendors award thingie.

sarap. one reason to walk around the world: sample street food fare. nagutom tuloy ako dito a. gusto ko ng felafel, shawarma at lamb. kainiz.

kaya lang, walang pinoy? hm, baka restos and corner places ang kainang pinoy sa nooyawk, hindi street vendor type... although it's about time may maglako ng bananacue, pritong lumpia with suka at kamote chenes sa bilao anywhere in the world, no? parang yung mga nagkalat sa campus. ang dami lang nila. fishball kaya?

i remember when i was in bangkok, inikot namin ng friends ko ang banglamphu(sp?) area to check out khao sarn road (where THE BEACH was partly shot) and the paikot na rambutri road doon kung saan nagkalat ang street chenes nightlife. sarap! bawat mahintuan yata namin sinasampolan ko ang inihaw streetfood hehe. may hepa shots naman ako so safe hehehe. at masarap siya kasi! except for that parang pritong ipis thing na kulay red. iyon tinitigan lang namin, before we decided to check out an ice cream parlor there.


too bad i wasn't able to do that in delhi. ngekngoks kasi yung mga conference organizer at di man lang kami na-city tour chenes. kulang sila sa spirit of tourism chenes. well, i'd love to go back there in india and do that. maybe sometime soon. siguro somewhere in the south of india naman para mas vegetarian ang fare. gusto ko lang sa north kasi maraming lamb dishes.

i heart street food.



hi trisha! thanks for the comment. i googled barlaya too and found don's blog. took a peek at yours, too. ingat! keep in touch. may multiply din ako. add me up!

yoshke, tama ba? oo nakapag-comment na pala ko dati sa yo. di mo lang nabasa. daan ka lang ulit when you're around. ingat!

i agree with you kee, di magfa-fly itong no smoking sa diliman hehehehe. napapayosi tuloy ako...

pash, thanks for stopping by. will wait for your next film. sige, challenge yan ha, try not to be too talkative hahaha! ingat!


i like my star readings today, so apt:

Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20)

You may have unrealistic expectations about what you hope to accomplish at work. As much as you should be cautious about anything that seems disarmingly good, there's no need to be overly negative, either. Disaster is not looming around the next corner as long as you remain practical now.

General Daily Overview

The Moon enters lovely Libra at 7:31 am EDT, where she can make almost anything appear sweeter. Today this tendency is exaggerated as the Sun creates a crunchy quincunx with fanciful Neptune, challenging us to find the truth. We may trust our fantasies more than reality, even when confronted with the facts -- for they, too, can be bent out of shape by our illusions. This isn't, however, about denial; it's about using our minds to create the future.

magandang reminder to self yan.


more later. don't want to comment on the big news of the day. let's wait what happens first... nuninuninu...

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