12 August 2007

!yey! + mkna mania

some publication news arrived in my emailbox earlier. and i am happy about it! but it also saddens me because an ongoing hypothesis of mine about writers and publication in this country has, once again, been validated -- and by my own writing at that! oh well. wait til the real chic hits the fan...diyan tayo magkakasubukan hehehe.

cryptic yuson na ba senyoh? hehe. basta. abangan na lang ever ang susunod na kabanata...


also had some nice reaffirming chenes earlier with my parents. basta. happy siya.


was in marikina the whole afternoon and early evening. it's really strange, funny and pleasant how this once little town of mine (now a city na) was such a murky and mucky place. look at it now. hanef sa change.

before heading home, i decided to check out the rodriguez sports complex. iba na pala ang name niya, marikina sports park na, according to the small leaflet of facilities rental fees this sleepy and clueless lady from their marketing dept handed to me. i've been meaning to check out this place because a friend told me that there's a pool inside and it's a nice public pool. although another friend kinda contested that.

but i'm more interested if i could just walk around the oval there for exercise. and yeah, i discovered i can. and for a five-peso entrance fee, you could get in and just do your thang. ang dami palang gumagamit doon. extra pay na lang sa per hora na use ng facilities like the courts and some other areas. nice siya!

the first and last time i was able to enter this place was way back in high school during one of those CAT competitions. i forgot what CAT means na pero di ba if you are junios and seniors, you are required to have some kind of military training chenes, kinda like the ROTC in college. pero alam ko scrapped na ito e, kaya the kids these days don't have to suffer like we did...

horrible days yun. bad trip. i hated fridays because of that. that early, i never really had a penchant for anything military-related or military-treated, starting with calling me by my last name. how i loathed that. parang nakaka-dehumanize e. nawawala ang individuality mo -- which i think is the point of military training anyway, kasi nga dapat cohesive unit chenes kayong lahat blah. pweh. hated it.

kaya nga i hated it din when i tried to join the rifle pistol team in college dati. i got past the auditions ba ang tawag doon, na magte-test shoot ka para makapasa. pare, topnotcher ini. hehe. tapos nung orientation, puta militar ang orientation ng mga punyetang tao doon. i thought they shoot for sports, but no. turn off ang lola mo. iba na lang ang pinuntirya ko... asar. at sayang. sayang sila. hm no wonder walang gaanong tibak na nag-org dun...

so of course that CAT thing also taught us marksmanship and some map reading chenes, two of the things i appreciated and really liked out of that horrible experience. part of the thing is the drill march ek, and there's always an inter-school competition about this. now that one i liked, too. i dunno, attracted ako sa coordinated movements talaga e, be it dance or this marching thing. so we went to the sports complex to join the competition. but even if i was suited up with my dummy m1garand in tow, the platoon leader decided to bench me. kasi nga i was in a special action squad, which was a nice way of labeling kids who were not meant for the rigors of this CAT training, ergo mga sakitin or whatnot. e si miss hika ako noon kaya doon ako. pero sa marches, kasama kami. kaya memorya ko ang choreo (ah okay tama, kaya ako attracted kasi may choreo kahit papaano ito). so my friends got to march in the scorching heat, with their full uniforms na punyeta ang init. gudlak diba. nalimutan ko na kung nanalo kami o hindi. hindi yata. but i didn't give a damn. kasi nga i hated the whole idea and philosophy behint it. i guess way back then, i was all for individuality na agad. hm, interesting...

the sports complex i remember way back then was not as nice as now, syempre. marikina was still in a quagmire of sloppy corruption back then, unlike now. organized na lahat -- and if i hear it right, pati mga sideline diyan. but man, whatever works! go lang! e sa ang ganda na ng lugar eh! hanep nga e.

i walked one round sa oval just to see the whole place, and made tambay in one of the benches. ang galing, you could be anonymous there and it won't look freakish. i also hung out at the bleachers and it gave me a nice view of the place. yun nga lang, yosing-yosi na ko later on pero bawal kasi kaya lumabas na rin ako agad hehe. masama!

now i know what my friend ging was telling me about when she said that she had a spot sa ULTRA stadium or something. ganito pala yun. like one quiet spot up there in the bleachers, where the wind can reach you but no one else can, if you didn't want them to. nice. relate na ko mare. ayuz.

when i got home naman, i caught on cinemax this '80s flick na one of my favorites of all time, just because: THE LOST BOYS. who could ever forget the vampiric role of kiefer sutherland homoerotically recruiting jason patric to be part of their brood, all because the head vampire of the small town is wooing jason's movie mom dianne wiest. also featuring the hottest teen stars back then, corey haim and corey feldman. man i am so dating myself with this one. basta, simple lang siya pero okay ang temperament at treatment kaya siguro parang classic ang dating niya. interesting siya kung type mo ang mga vampire chenes na ganyan like me, pero hindi yung super campy vampire chenes na a la elvira na ha. yun di ko type.

hm, napansin ko lang sa '80s flicks, mahilig ang teenagers mag-motorsiklo. hm.

kaya veg out mode lang right now. sa dami ng senses na na-overload sa akin today, i needed a break from the rest of my existence. so there...


some feedback pala. yes misanthrope, tag mo na ko. go go go. ano ba mangyayari dun? ngayon ko lang naalala.

renchie ikaw ba yan? nag-comment sa tagboard? musta naaaaa!!!!! san ka na dude!

ano na nangyari sa tagboard ko?

chard ok thanks for the link. ingat.


o sa mga interesado, text ni cynthia:
August gigs with Cynthia Alexander (Malu Matute on synth, backing vocals, percussion; Charanjit Wasu on tabla; Simon Tan on bass; Dan Shepherd on lapsteel).
Aug 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 tiendesitas
Aug 4, 25 conspiracy
Aug 11 70s bistro
Aug 17 magnet bonifacio highstreet
Aug 24 magnet katipunan

naaadik akong panoorin yung tabla dude na yan ever. ngek kanina pala yun bistro. sayang... kasi jojo, bat di mo binili yung tabla sa delhi hehehe bibilin ko from you yon e! hehe. sayang. tablado na sana ko ngayon hehehe. wala. inggit mode pa rin lang ako sa new bangkok djembe ni ate jen...hehe.

pak dagadung tshk!

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