07 June 2007

realignment with the lez perspective

punyeta talaga ang stars kung magsalita ano. swakers ever.

comme ca:

Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20)

You might be pulled in two directions as you struggle to find a comfortable middle path. On one hand, you have responsibilities that must be addressed, even if you don't want to work much. On the other hand, you may not be able to suppress your smile, for you know that your life is not quite as difficult these days as it has been in the past. Keep your focus on the brighter side, but don't go into denial about your current obligations.

wowee. galeng. swak siya ever. bow ako sa stars.

tama siya. focus on the brighter side. and yes, i am not in denial.

and for the first time in months, i can really say i am truly happy. as in genuinely happy.

i feel alive.

so don't dis me if i smile without reason these days. that just means it hits me that i am happy. because i truly am.


been enjoying the company of new friends and old ones lately, again. masarap talagang makipag-connect sa fellow lezzies talaga, i swear, especially the out ones. yung walang kiyeme ang barkadahan kapag nasa labas kayo, single or coupled, at obvious man o hindi na mga tungraiders kayo -- or kami. i really like that. and i so miss my old posse tuloy in that endeavor, kia, dre and the company of fellow sapphic sisters during our UP Sappho days. yung ha-hang out lang sa treehouse to eat dinner and drink and smoke after hanging out at the AS parking lot tambayan while chatting and smoking and all.

man, those were the days, no?

sumabit ang ilan sa amin last night sa hanging out mode ng aking friend si ging and her new jowa rose. it's their third monthsary pala. simple lang naman. just roamed around greenhills after hanging out in a morato meeting and dinner and that's it. well, it didn't help that ging got some kind of allergic reaction to some chinese food kaya the night ended early. e kasi naman ati, chinese e. ano pa ba expect natin lola? hehe. but seriously, i hope you're feeling okay na mare. si rose din.

hehe, i still can't get over couples celebrating monthsaries. i swear, super sickeningly sweet and pukingly romantic ito...or maybe it's just not for me. hahaha yeah i know, hindi talaga. hindi yan bitterness ha. ewan ko ba. minsan naaaliw lang ako sa mga gawaing pang-puso ng sangkatauhan e... heheh. but that's just me. weird ako that way, pramis. and i've become a hapless romantic hehehe. wotevah.

pero happy ako sa mga taong happy sa ganito. lalo na sa mga taong they really deserve to be happy after years or months of being miserable and all, or after having been through a messy separation (non)process with a selfish ex who personify the devil in various degrees and stuff. you get the picture. dami kasi ganyan sa lesbian world, tulad sa het world hehehe. hay sa dami ng naririnig kong kuwentong hiwalayan na ganito kasalimuot sa lezworld lately, puwede na ko magsulat ng nobela about it. hmm huway nat...

people deserve to be happy. yun lang naman ang bottomline ng lahat ng ito. and for some people, being coupled with someone who understands them is enough for them to be happy. siyempre kanya-kanya tayo ng definition ng happiness. yung iba, happy sa pagiging un-coupled. magtatayo na nga sina ani ng "tigang gang" sa penguin e hahahaha. ayuz yan mare! sali ko diyan! yung iba naman, happy sa pagkakaroon ng dalawang partners. siguro magaling sila sa time management, anesh? yung iba naman, happy sa pagkakaroon ng someone sa tabi nila kahit walang kategorya o definition ng kanilang samahan. yung iba naman, happy sa pagkakaroon ng virtual someone na kahit di pa nila nahahawakan e inlab na through online means. so kanya-kanyang chenelyn na lang yun, really.

so to you two lovebirds, cheers from the leaflens perspective. more monthsaries to come. next time, mag-cater na lang kasi kayo hehehe. sayang naman ang chef mode ni ate rose at sous-chef mode mo ging. wag na chinese food sa chinese resto. saka na chicken feet. oke? :P ate rose, wag lang may luya ha. ikamamatay ko naman yun hehe.

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  1. i miss you too, mother. those were the days talaga. matanda na tayo. di ko na alam how it feels to be in tambay mode. :o(