15 May 2007

tumatakas sa stress ng araw na ito

ito ang kinaka-stress naming lahat ngayon: balita tungkol sa kaibigan naming si carol.

Pinikpikan singer claims mayor threatened her

May 14, 2007
Frank Cimatu

BANGUED, Abra -- The lead vocalist of the band Pinikpikan accused the former mayor of Daguioman town of threatening her after she took video footage of alleged cheating.

Carol Bello, who is a poll watcher of Daguioman mayoral candidate Lyndon Basingan, claimed former mayor Manuel Co Kue, husband of incumbent Mayor Sally Co Kue, told her she would not be leave Daguioman alive after videotaping alleged ballot tampering.

"Ako raw ay di makakalabas sa Daguioman nang buhay dahil may photo at video ako ng kalokohan ng mayor and her family [I was told I would not be able to leave Daguioman alive because I have photographs and video footage of irregularities committed by the mayor and her family]," Bello told the Philippine Daily Inquirer, parent company of INQUIRER.net.

read the rest of frank cimatu's pdi report here.

eto pa ang detalye sa abs-cbn website. thanks melissa for acting on that so swiftly.

kanina pa nagte-text-an kaming magkakaibigan para matulungan siya. but what else can we do??? punyeta talaga.

kanina pa tumatawag si cynthia a. din sa akin, telling me this is like teta's all over again last year. i agreed. she's now in conspiracy with budeths, carol's co-pinikpikan bandmate, worried to death -- as we all are.

now, we're all stressed. as in.


tangina mukha akong gago. napa-blogthang tuloy ako. wala ko magawa tangina.

hirap ng ganito. hay naku...


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