20 April 2007

not so brief angst, classic 1.0


watch it on your own accord na lang.  at salamat sa karamihan sa inyong nanonood non dahil pinakikiusapan ko kayo dati, para sa suporta. sa ibang bagay niyo na lang ako suportahan, like sa surfing heheheheh. tutal i really wanted to focus my energies on more worthwhile things. and i know naririndi na kayong marinig ang mga angst ko sa show na yon dito kaya dedma na, ano? kaya from now on, wala nang ganun. hay salamat din. i don't have to settle for bouts of mediocrity and "self-absorbedness" connected to the show. although the hosts, especially the kids, i will miss, especially my favorite, si gab. kaya i just named a character from my full-length script after him hehe. i hope he gets over his insecurities and grow up to be a nice boy. and i hope the fuckers leave him alone if he acts not so macho smug, like them. most of them. yes, wala na ring bouts of questioning myself as a women's/lgbt rights advocate dahil sa di nagwo-work ang engendring ko sa kanila. they are so hopeless in that department, especially the producer. well, you know what will happen to those kinds of people. yeah. sana lang din alam niya, kasi karma ang balik nun e.  pero i really doubt that.

sabi nga ng horoscope ko today:

Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20) The Sun returns to your sign for its annual visit, reminding you that it takes quite a bit to raise your anger level to a critical point. But if you aren't happy, you will see red and could turn into a raging Bull.

Nevertheless, you are naturally a lover and not a fighter, so go out of your way to fill your senses with enjoyable perceptions. This is your time of year to soak in the beauty of life.

o siya, on to better things in life. kamusta na kayo? i am still enjoying my tan and my weight reduction thanks to the 5-day surfing/beah spree i did over the holy week holidays. sana 'wag mawala ang tan.

isa pang major announcement soon, pero 'pag natapos ko na. abangan!    

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