22 July 2006

i was kidnapped by lesbian pirates from outer space!

i've been on a support-lesbian-women-who-make-comics-with-good-lesbian-characters/storylines mode lately (both local and international) at dahil rare at konti lang naman halos ang naaabot ng aking kamay at mata sa topic na ito, sana tulungan niyo akong dumami ito.

a major studio in the U.S. launched a contest to discover the next big comic name, so to speak. e nakakatuwa yung isang entry.

Susan Bell was a normal Earth girl, with a brand new job as a secretary. Little did she know, she would be kidnapped by Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space! They claim she is one of them, and, whether she likes it or not, she's now part of the crew! Travelling through the universe, under the direction of Captain Janet McSapphic, they take what they like and do what they please. Meeting villains like The Incredible Male Man (a super-chauvanist), the sexy pirate girls won't let anyone stop them!

so vote na natin siya. isa siya sa 3 finalists. gawa ito ng isang openly out lesbian comic writer.

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