05 June 2006

things we know about what we know

what better way to write a blogpost than to just pick up something from another person's blog and answer it yourself. chorva. whatever.

habang tinitimpla ko ang aking poison of choice tonight. yes gabi pa, kahit mag-a-ala una na ng madaling araw habang tinatype ko to.


Ten random things about me:

-- i can't leave the house without taking a shower
-- i can't sleep without brushing my teeth
-- my biggest vice is food (tasting new ones)/eating out
-- i have such a big butt and balakang
-- two of my favorite shopping places in the world: chatuchak market in bangkok and baguio market (meningosomething notwithstanding)
-- my favorite drink is still ice-cold water, kahit sinisipon na ko
-- my asthma turned into rhinitis/sinusitis na, lucky me
-- i love traveling everywhere and anywhere (esp when it involves riding a plane)
-- i have experienced bungee jumping (and would like to try it again, this time higher than 50 feet)
-- i wish i could fly. as in really lipad (not narcotics-induced ha)

Nine ways to win my heart :

-- learn how to sing my favorite songs of all time
-- be malambing lang. simple lang.
-- give me sincere praises (hehe parang oxymoronic ata)
-- surprise me with gifts, even the simplest ones will do. i'm not impressed by fancy stuff. in fact, i run away when given those things.
-- just care. as in truly care.
-- learn to listen to me. as in really listen.
-- understand my eccentricities (hehe demanding ako e)
-- just be nice.
-- be trustworthy and honest to me.

Eight things i wanna do before i die:

-- win the lotto (er, tumaya muna sa lotto)
-- climb the eiffel tower and take a photo of the view from the top
-- win a palme d'or (haha very common)
-- establish an organization that really helps abused children
-- fight for lgbtqi rights
-- become a media mogul like rupert murdoch, but with advocacy
-- make a full-length feature film using celluloid
-- buy my mom a house

Seven things that annoy me:
-- matapobreng tao na nanlalait ng class below them
-- unsolicited/unwelcome sexual advances/innuendos
-- people who don't know the meaning of respect
-- that scratching sound made by scratching styrofoam/chalkboard, felt-tipped markers on paper
-- moralistic highhats who think they are far superior than the rest of us mortals
-- homophobic comments
-- sexist comments

Six things i wish for:
-- real world peace, or an earthly existence without weapons of mass destruction
-- that my metabolism work fasterrrr than its current speed
-- that my loved ones remain unharmed, protected, secure and happy all the time
-- the filipino politicians start fucking working for real! without kurakot! (yea yeah, wishful thinking...)
-- that i don't have nightmares anymore when i sleep
-- that i attain real peace of mind and soul

Five things i'm afraid of:
-- growing old, as in kulubot old, and becoming senile na kelangang alagaan at naging malilimutin na
-- snakes, kahit fake at sa picture
-- biting ginger
-- dying a messy death. clean, quick and painless is the way to go.
-- my mom getting hurt

Four of my favorite songs:
-- downtown by petula clark
-- time after time by cyndi lauper
-- princes familiar by alanis morissette
-- winter by tori amos

Three things i do everyday:

-- procrastinate
-- drink lotsa water
-- eat something sinful

Two other things i do everyday (we ran out of ideas):
-- daydream
-- trying my darndest not to feel depressed

One person I want to see right now:
-- my mom


haaaay malapit na naman ang pasukan. are you ready for it? i'm not! i still wanna go back to san juan and surf, dammit! or to galera and snorkel. kainiz. but some students i know are excited to go back to school. well, what can i say? sabi nga nila, "been there, been that" hehe. i just wish that this year would be more...peaceful and without controversy.

hah. gudlak! sabi nga ni ate vi "it's not my problem anymore. it's your problem anymore!"



had a good day naman today. or yesterday pala. lunes na pala. was talking about sunday. shoot kasi ng lovely day today as usual, at sa national ecology center na naman po! buti na lang at di umulan at na-pack-up naman ng maaga. then while waiting for the transferring of footage, sumaglit muna ko sa chocolate kiss sa peyups to be with my pamangkin misha who's celebrating his birthday. more pix later. then went to gma na to rough cut the spiels. finished early kaya here i am. may energy pa to tell you all of these.

sige pix next time.

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