07 June 2006


yet again, tama ang stars na naman:

It might be difficult for you to enjoy the good things in your life now without overdoing it. You might be tempted to spend more money than you have or to eat or drink more than you should. Don't let these warnings prevent you from having a wonderful time, especially if there is a special someone in your life that is willing to indulge with you.

di ba?

bat ba laging swak yan? hay ever..


grabe hate this cold i have. rhinitis na ata ito. nagbabadya pa ang sore throat an ubo. nooooo, not this week and not next weeeek! haggard shoot namin this week, two days ang shoot ng lovely day. 2nd year anniversary episode kasi. and we're introducing lotsa things. for one, may new billboard na itatayo sila somewhere near gma, i assume. with costumes na ang gang, plus there's a new taekwondo kid joining them. saw the pictorials and it's nice.

we're trying something new for this: wala na munang real-life segments. all fiction ito, ati, kaya full load ang kargo ko sa directing argh. di kakayanin ng powers ko ito dahil gusto ni cres na may hongkong style fight scene stunts with the harness and cable thingies. kaya we split the gig, considering one day din kami sa lokasyon lang. haggardo versoza ever. gudlak sa amin ever.

tapos pasukan na next week! argh. at least tue and thur lang load ko.  argh. pero i have to do a lesson plan pa for the  ge course i'm teaching. argh.

daming argh today. puyat pa, 2 hrs sleep lang. kaya zonked out kami sa trip pabalik from daranak kanina from the ocular. and now, hinihintay ko lang bumaba sipon para makatulong ako sa enrolmen advising.

argh. argh x 230.


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