03 June 2006

purple haze it ain't

current chi-cha: nada. just chewing on some thoughts, as some medieval philosopher once mused
current beverage: absinvodyus (absinthe+vodka+citrus-based juice of some sort)

i am so loving absinthe. iba ang hilata sa lalamunan hehe. at sa utak. :P

just a little before i turn in.

transition mode panahon ito ngayon sa akin. lotsa things are happening around me and i wanna react to them one by one, even dissect and analyze and deconstruct them one by one but it seems that whenever i want to do that, i get utterly tired on the onset and just forget about it and replace it with doing something sinful like eating isaw or bulalo. i dunno...

just to give you an idea, lots. split-ups and near split-ups. death. sickness. reorientation of thoughts. rethinking of careers. sexual harassment suits. writer hang-ups. showbiz haunts. organizational coups.

konti pa lang yan. hay, how i am so amazed at how things happen and then i ask myself...where am i in all of these? amidst all of these? just in the sidelines observing? as an active/inactive participant? ewan ko. minsan ayoko na lang gumalaw and i just let things pass until things just fall into place later on. but i kow that that's not such a hot idea most times.

so i drink. hehe. ching! nah, just kidding.

later na lang ang more sensible blogs, with pictures pa. the absinthe is getting to me. swabe kaya parang ang sarap itulog na lang.


anyway, i don't think i 'm making sense here so i'll just come back later.

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