23 May 2006


see you on wednesday night, people. penguin cafe gallery near remedios circle in malate. our photo exhibit will have its final run and we're going to have a program to mark it. so whether you support me as a friend or colleague, i hope i'll see you there. we're having free red wine and who knows... if it doesn't rain, will bring my bottle of absinthe. lesbian vampire mode ako lately hehe. ching!

anyway here's the announcement:

Penguin Cafe (Rockola Cafe) and Babae sa Tag-araw Photo Exhibitors  

present the

 Closing Program of the

 Babae sa Tag-araw Photo Exhibit

 on May 24, Wednesday, 9:00 p.m. with...


 Performances by

Djembe Players and Dancers from Burkina Faso (a must-see)


Carol Bello

Cynthia Alexander (tentative)

Poetry by

Libay Linsangan Cantor

Yanna Verbo Acosta

Plus surprise guests/performers and music jam!

 Open music jam and open mic poetry reading after the program follows. Bring your stuff and chill out with us!


BABAE SA TAG-ARAW photo exhibitors are:

Carolina Rodriguez Bello

Libay Linsangan Cantor

Aileen Familara

Indira Endaya


Penguin Cafe-Gallery is near Remedios Circle, two doors down from Changku?Changyu japanese resto's corner. see you folks.


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