27 June 2006

personal adverts +survey thoughts on a deadly sin

i know this is like months late but nonetheless, here goes.

i want to thank all those women loving women who participated in my informal survey earlier this year about flings. the material i gathered fueled two articles that are out now in the following publications:

GENERATION PINK or GP magazine, available everywhere. get the summer issue (cover with the dude painted like the sun or something to that effect). article's about lesbian flings and dating. yeah, it's that other lgbt magazine around, the more susbtantial one. :P peace to my friends in that other mag! i mean you no harm. just, er, some words of advise. more content po?

WOMEN IN ACTION magazine by isis international manila. available in their office. follow the link na lang. look for the queering issue. this article's more okay for me since it tackled 'forcible homonormativity and the truly free lesbian existence' (yeah, say that ten times!). as in, talaga bagang awayin ang lez-bi community dito? hehe. wala lang, just posing some thoughts out loud, is all. search for that title, online na nga rin pala ang WIA. ay okay wait,  here's the article.

read! feed your mind. and give me feedback.


for weeks now, i've been contemplating on other actions and articles. this time, i want to focus on lust and sex naman. like, would you have sex with someone na you don't find, er, lustful naman? or something to that effect. i know this doesn't work on men since straight men think about sex every 26 seconds and gay men every 9 seconds daw (according to QAF). it's a different thing for women. once a woman is turned on, man, wahoo, kakaiba. andaming puwedeng puntahan. pero dapat nga likes mo rin siya, di ba? o kaya may konting substance influence (take your pick). tapos pag nawala yung turned on thing, ang hirap ibalik. unless nympho siguro yung gelay. i dunno.

pero yun nga. what if you are a woman and you wanna have sex with a woman din kaya lang hindi siya within your radar of wants (read: di mo type). those who have one night stands don't seem to have this problem, especially in the U.S. but i wanna know what others think, here. posible ba to sa 'pinas?

so bilis! sagot na kayo.

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