27 June 2006

3 months later + 37 years past

this homophile would like to greet everyone a HAPPY PRIDE! month to all lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, transsexuals, transvestites, queers, downes, intersexed persons, questioning ones, bi-curious peeps, everyone! kung sino pa man kayo, hapi hapi!

sabi nga ni sir nic when i was delivering my faculty colloquium last january, "shucks, saang kategorya kaya ako belong?"

hehehe. pramis to god sinabi niya yan.

ah sosyal, may wikipedia entry si sir hehe. fans club!

anyway, back to pride.  today, june 27, marked the stonewall riots which is a significant event in the history of the lgbtqietcetc movement. 37 years ago, or 1969. what an appropriate year, eh? '69. sosyal.

and less than a month from that date, humans take a first trip to land on the moon. exciting dibala?

me at qc morato pride march 2004

i'm just blogging about this because i miss june pride celebs. when i first came out in '97, i saw my first pride march in malate, complete with a fashion show run by this gay dude na sosyal who ran a resto and used to rule nakpil's bohemian crowd (well, back when truly bohemian pa ang feel ng malate, unlike today), a program that showcased lgbt pride talents, and some girl hitting on me hehe (turned her down, chakaness sya eh - haha ambadko!). 

me at the last malate pride march, 2001 yata

task force pride decided to hilera pride march sa human rights week sa december kaya medyo delayed ito. dedma na sa ulan, mas bet ko ang june pride celebs kasi. saka sa malate, not in quezon city.

my friend in new york just emailed me her photos of the new york pride there. ang saya! kung may bibisitahin man akong event sa lifetime na ito, tatlo yun: pride marches sa new york, sa rio de janeiro at sa bangkok. sayang at i missed the pride in bkk years ago (arrived a week late! tangah). i don't think i can share her photos here pero masaya sha ever. wow. i heart noo yawk.

last weekend, malate's gay guys organized the annual white party where everyone, yeah, wears white talaga. i don't like white party weekends because it's just full of guys scouting for hadas. in white. lesbians don't have that. unfair noh? can't we have like an orange party weekend or something?

well, i was in malate nonetheless last friday, the white party kick-off pero hindi talaga. nagdedekorasyon na sila. there was a new lesbian exclusive dance party in a place i haven't heard of yet so my friends and i decided to check it out.

waaah. not so happy.

anyway, pambawi na lang yung the l word night this friday. that's where i'm gonna be. sana naman masaya ito. kung di nga lang donasyon sa isang breast cancer foundation ang proceeds at open bar, i won't go! but some of my friends will be there so i'll be there. kitakits!

but just to clarify, being proud doesn't necessarily have to translate to being out. people should respect closeted people because things are too risky for them. the usual culprits apply -- family, parents, job/careers. yun lang naman e.

pero masaya rin naman ang maging out. at least hindi na nila ko bina-bother ng stupid leading/loaded questions like "bakit wala ka pang asawa?"

pero minsan din, may down side. yung mga dating kumakausap sa yo ng matino, hindi ka na pinapansin. akala nila, porke lesbyana, manhater kaya iwas ang mhin. o kaya instant na may gusto ang lesbyana sa gelay, kahit sinu pa mang gelay yan. hello we have standards, and they are oh so high, too, ya know. yuck kayo. feeling. namimili rin naman kami noh. feeling talaga. daming ganyan. kala nila hahawakan ko sila agad or something. ick. sabi nga ng friend ko dati, "no touch. not with a ten foot pole."


oh, as for the 3 months, well, ni-renew ako ng kapuso. so that means 3 more months of the directing gig. hay goodbye lablayp, goodbye sekslayp. hehe. for now. vow of chastity ang lola niyo.

wishing. :)

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