21 June 2006

facing phantoms

from out of nowhere, my grade 6 best friend cheryl emails me and says that she met a couple of our batchmates and didn't recognize them and that they put up a yahoogroup. i decided to check it out.

it was just strange because it brought back memories that i really didn't want to remember. i never enjoyed grade school as much as high school. it was such a disaster. people picked on me most of the time and even bullied me (yea, think MEAN GIRLS circa mid-80s). it was just horrible. and then to see their pictures now.

man, how time flies. they look so old. so darn old that you'd never guess we're the same age! of course most of them married na at may anak much like my high school friends. pero mas close naman ako sa high school friends ko. in fact, we're having a grand time sa yahoogroups lately dahil nadidiskubre namin kung nasaan ang isa't isa like my future surf pal jay and miss saigoner luz sa ny, si carla sa calgary, nomer sa saudi, kai and chiqui and edna in um somewhere sa gitna ng US and then the others in good ol' marikina, except for us pasaways na nasa qc na like me, arca, cho and trixie.

man, i checked out the photos of my grade school batchmates and discovered na nagkikita-kita rin pala sila minsan. but i think my mind rebooted and deleted all the bad memories of grade school along with the people's faces kaya kokonti lang ang kilala ko doon. yung iba kasi, nag-iba na talaga totally ng hitsura kaya di ko na makilala. oh well. i don't think i want to reconnect with these people. hm... depende siguro sa mood. pero ito, kelangan talagang paghandaan, lam mo yun? tipong ROMY AND MICHELLE part 2 ito pag nagkataon hehe.

hay naku. weird lang kasi i saw one picture of this girl who used to bully me all the time. i had a unique wristwatch back then na may dice game, galing japan bili ni papa. she used to borrow it oh so sweetly lang sa pangungulit. pag kukunin ko na, tangina pa sa demonyo ang pagkamkam doon at halos di na niya ibalik ulit. at galit pa siya pag binalik niya! lam mo yun? hay. i don't think i want to come face to face with these people. yeah, 20 years ago na yun pero minsan weird talaga ang subconscious... o baka ako lang yun. oh well.


last night, i also faced another phantom, this time for real. i was happily eating my dinner in a resto where i'm watching a program with my friends when suddenly, i saw this guy who has given me the creeps last semester. he's my classmate in one of my penalty MA subjects. this creep kept on looking at me, like every minute, man. na-harrass na talaga ako ng todo. i asked my friend one time to observe this guy with me outside the classroom and true enough, masama talaga syang makatingin, sabi ng friend ko.

well, last night, my friend was with me there and i told her yun yung guy! we confirmed the identity of the guy from one of the people who organized the program and indeed, ito nga si el creepo. kinausap naman ni organizer si el creepo and she told me pa nga na the fart wanted to apologize in person daw, so i granted him an audience. pero wala rin e. he's still a creep. he had such lousy excuses for his behavior and i don't buy it. (weird lang daw siya talagang tao, minsan daw mahilig siyang tumingin at tumitig sa kung-anu-ano, like sa aircon. hello, kung aircon ang tinitignan niya sa likod niya at hindi ako, bakit eyeline match ang anggulo ng mata namin? at hindi siya naka-tilt ng 15 degrees higher up pa para makita talaga ang aircon sa taas tangna) it turns out this is not the first time pala he got into trouble because he was looking at someone. muntik na daw siyang mapaawa noon kasi tumitingin sa sa babae at lalaki. hah. good thing we were in such a public place last night kundi nasapak ko siya talaga between the eyes. literally. idagdag niya yun sa listahan niya.

what's so fucked up pa about that was someone commenting na di siya makapaniwala na el creepo would do that kasi he already has a kid. as if single men are the only kind of harrassers in the world ng mga babae. man, what a heterosexist thing to say, n'est-ce pas? vrai. and one more thing: el creepo belongs to a progressive group pa pala. tingnan nga natin kung may tunay na kamulatan yan sa buhay. tipong wala. advocacy shallowness thy name is el creepo. daming katulad niya, sampu sampera saan mang movement. magsama silang lahat.

wag lang makadaan-daan yang el creepo na yan ulit sa harap ko at baka masapak ko na yan talaga this time. i swear.


just to end this on a different note. i don't want phantoms to come with me to bed so i'll leave them all here.

and i like this friendster thing from jay:

What's ur birth month?

January- Gothic
February- Preppy
March- Horny
April- adorable
May- Stupid
June- Kinky
July- Popular
August- Talkative
September- Beautiful
October- Pretty
November- Nerdy
December- Kissable

What day is ur birthday?

1- Beauty Queen
2- princess
3- Ninja
4- Actor/Actress
5- Power-Ranger
6- Gay
7- model
8- Crack-Trash
9- Dog
10- Candy Cane
11- Caution Freak
12- Angel
13- Irish Girl
14- Sex Maniac
15- Punk
16- Alcoholic
17- Teacher's Pet
18- Stoner
19- Pirate
20- Fairy
21- sexy beast
22- Surfer
23- Piece of Pizza
24- Hottie
25- Druggie
26- Drama Queen
27- Surgeon
28- Poser
29- Rockstar
30- Hooker
31- Care Bear

What color is your hair?

blonde=Who's sexually frustrated
brown=Who's great in bed
dirty blonde=Who is greatly frustrated
black=Who needs a life
red=Who loves to ride emus
pink=who loves to make out.

Now repost this saying "Im a _ _ _"

okay, so i'm an adorable hottie who's great in bed! hehehe.

i like that.

ikaw, ano ka? lista mo, bilis!

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