05 April 2006

pet peeve #2 sa lyf

just need to vent this out.

dontcha hate those peeps who butt in sa conversation niyo ng ibang tao? okay sana kung may gentle paalam of sorts, e, even pakyut mode. pero wit! kung sasaksak lang siya bigla para mag-inject ng kanyang not needed wisdumb para to make you look and feel incompetent and not in the know, hay naku, tangina makakasakal ako ng tao.  devah!

hay... center..center...center...focus...focus...focus...1...2...3...

sabi nga sa horoscope ko today:

You can sense that a storm is on the way and there's nothing you can do to stop it. In fact, if you can get past your own fear of change, this one can be quite exciting as you learn something new about yourself, which in turn can impact your relationships with your friends. Don't worry about what others think. Instead stay focused on your own integrity and growth.

talagang sense! pero sabi nga, focus on my integrity and growth. i think yun ang hindi ma-take ni wisdumb e, yung meron akong integrity to stand up to them folks. and also the continuing growth i have in me which they see and is clearly reflected in my cv hehe, kita niya yun. talagang pag sinipa ka ng insecurity e, ikaw talaga ang biggest loser in da world.
at sabi nga ni forrest gump, "and that's all i have to say about that."


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