06 April 2006

deep focus/re-focus

after being exposed to two major manypeeps-oriented thingies today, i came to very interesting conclusions about my own existence:

1. that i am, first and foremost, at peace with identifying myself primarily as a writer. and i think i'd rather focus on this aspect of my persona instead.
2. that i can live without people most times, contrary to what my ka-bday barbra sang (well, especially most of these people today!)
3. that my friend is right; i AM a staunch defender of sexual rights (as in GD mode minsan, but i've learned how to tone down naman e, esp if i'm in showbiz circles. kundi, mapapaaway talaga ko nun)

man. revelations. well. they're not a dime a dozen, but really, priceless kasi.

well. it takes ennui to bring out this self-critical thinker in me. bet na rin.

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