05 February 2006

call for entries: international women's filmfest shorts competition

join tayo mga sisters!

IWFF 2006: Short film and video competition about women

March 2006 will signify the 16th year of the International Women’s Film Festival (IWFF) hosted by the University of the Philippines Film Institute (UPFI). This yearly exhibition of films by and about women is the one and only running women’s film festival of is kind in the Philippines held during Women’s Month. It highlights the importance of raising women’s consciousness, promoting women’s rights advocacy and empowerment primarily through the visual medium of the cinema.

This year, the IWFF will have an additional component to further extend the reach of its goals: a short film and video competition. In line with the festival’s objectives, the aim of this competition is to give an added venue for women filmmakers to exhibit their works.

As the short cinematic form has often been marginalized in most (mainstream) film sectors, so have the makers of such works – especially the women. With the advent of the digital technology worldwide, people – especially those who have been or are in the independent/alternative filmmaking scene -- have been utilizing this new medium to tell and retell their stories. Women have also joined this so-called “digital revolution” and are using these new tools to further their causes. The IWFF supports this endeavor and new movement/s to extend the reach of women’s works.

The IWFF Committee would like to invite women filmmakers from all over the world to be part of this event by submitting their works. All genres are accepted. There is no entry fee to join this competition. Successful entries will be exhibited at the festival. Trophies and prizes will be given away to the best works.

The following are the complete guidelines for the competition:

1. The International Women’s Film Festival Short Film and Video Competition is open to all women filmmakers, video makers and multimedia artists from all over the world whose works reflect the vision and mission of the Festival (please see the festival website for more details). Submissions from individuals, groups or organizations are welcome. Students and young filmmakers are highly encouraged to participate.

2. Entries must have been completed no earlier than January 1, 2003.

3. Works could be in any language, but they should have English subtitles. Entries without subtitles will not be accepted.

4. Entries can belong to any genre/categories such as narrative, documentary, animation, experimental, multi-media, etc. Works can also be of mixed genres.

5. The running time for all entries must not exceed 25 minutes.

6. For this year, we will accept preview DVD, VCD and Mini-DV copies in NTSC format only. However, works could have originated in any of the following formats:

Any Film format (35mm, 16mm, 8mm)
Any Video NTSC/PAL-SECAM format (HD, DVD, S-VHS, Mini-DV etc.)
Any multi-media/new media device/s or using various information and
      communication technology (ICT) tools or software/hardware
      (e.g. computer-generated vector/fractal images, flash animation, etc.)

7. When selected for the competition, the preview copies will already serve as the exhibition copies. Filmmakers will be contacted to submit clearer (possibly NTSC DVD) versions only if their preview copies are found to be defective and hence unsuitable for large-screen projection.

8. Submitted works will not be returned to applicants and they will automatically become part of the UPFI/IWFF archives. In this regard, please do not send your original works.

9. The cost of shipping and handling the submissions should be shouldered by the sender. When sending the package, please declare in the mail that contents have “No Commercial Value” or “For non-commercial/festival purposes only.” The IWFF organizers will not shoulder any taxes, custom dues/duties/fees, delivery fees or any in-transit insurance in receiving the entries nor will they be held responsible for damage inflicted upon the packages resulting from the process of mailing.

10. All works must strictly be independent works and not produced for commercial purposes. Commissioned works are not allowed.

11. For submissions of several entries in one package, each entry must be properly labeled with the following:

Title of Entry (original title/English translation of title)
Name of Participant/Place and Country of origin
Running Time

12. All entries must be submitted with the following materials:

- Duly accomplished application form (see below)
- Two (2) production stills for each entry (as printed out in 3x5 or 5x7 inches or scanned JPEG files with at least 300dpi resolution or higher stored in a CD)
- One-page synopsis of the entry in English
- Short profile of the filmmaker/s in English (brief biography, sample filmography)
- promotional write-ups or published reviews in English (or if translated in English, please indicate publication source), if any

The following information can be copied, printed and filled out by the entrants to serve as the Application Form (please have one separate copy for each entry):

IWFF 2006

Entry Details

Title of entry (original and English):
Country of origin:
Running time (Length in minutes):
Year of completion:
Originating format:
Submission format:
Color/Black and White:


Representative of the production/contact person:
Mailing address:
Telephone number:
Fax number:
Mobile number:

Production credits

Production designer:
Other notable credits:

Has the work been shown theatrically?
If yes, where?

Has it aired on television?
If yes, where and in what context (as part of a program, as special feature, etc.)?

Has it been broadcast on the internet or publicly exhibited somewhere?
If yes, where and in what context?

Festival/s where the work was previously entered:
Previous award/s received by the work:

13. The entries should reach the IWFF organizers by February 22, 2006. Please address entries to:

Libay Linsangan Cantor
IWFF 2006 Competition curator
c/o UP Film Institute
College of Mass Communication
Plaridel Hall Annex Building
Ylanan Road, UP Campus Diliman
Quezon City

Telefax: (632) 920-6863; 920-5301 up to 99 local 4639
Email: upfi.academic@gmail.com, iwff2006competition@gmail.com

14. The submissions will be pre-screened by a panel composed of the members of the IWFF organizing committee. Shortlisted works will then be screened by an official Board of Judges composed of notable women media practitioners and advocates in the Philippines. The composition of the Board of Judges will be revealed during the festival ceremonies. The best works from all the entries will be selected by them.

15. All shortlisted entries will be screened during the duration of the festival from March 1 to 8, 2006 at the UP Film Institute Cine Adarna theater. The winners will be announced during the awarding ceremony scheduled during the last day of the festival. Winners will be notified by telephone or email. The process of picking up/delivery of the prizes will be discussed individually with each winner to assess the most feasible mode of transaction.

16. Awards for the winning entries shall be given to the filmmaker or video director indicated in the entry form. For joint directorial works, the group must assign a single representative to act on its behalf. All official communications shall be addressed to this representative. The organizers shall not be held liable for any controversy regarding the sharing of awards among the members of the group.

17. All participants shall be given a Certificate of Participation for the festival.

18. The organizers of the International Women’s Film Festival reserve the right to dub/copy to any format the winning works for archival and promotional purposes.

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