15 November 2005


yipee i can still eat chicken. since i've been in a cleansing diet mode thang last week pa, might as well continue with it. my body's getting back to normal na so it worked. ayuz.

no need to be scared. got this in my mail today:

(based on excerpts from www.birdlife.org)

Migratory birds have been following the same migration routes for millennia and there had been no conclusive historical records of the H5N1 flu strain in populations until the recent outbreaks. Recently recorded cases of wild bird contamination have likely originated from contact with domestic poultry, as poor sanitation and management in the poultry industry are conditions in which the disease has been found to thrive.

There is currently no evidence that H5N1 infections in humans have been acquired from direct contact with wild birds, although human infections have occurred after close contact with poultry. On the whole, the potential threat occurs only when there is physical contact between humans and infected birds. The WBCP recommends the following:

1. Do not handle sick or dying birds. Avian flu is transmitted through direct contact.

2. No hunting of wild birds whether for sport or consumption. Hunting may disperse infected birds and stress out healthy birds, making them more prone to disease.

3. Monitor airports and seaports, not only for live birds from infected countries but especially for smuggled wildlife.

4. Enforce the Wildlife Conservation Act by banning wildlife trade and penalizing offenders.

5. Monitor poultry farms and domestic pet birds including pigeons and fighting cocks.

6. Do not release captive birds as this can increase the number of potential avian flu carriers.

7. Create and maintain bird sanctuaries to keep wild birds in defined areas and reduce the possibility of contact with domestic fowl.

The hysteria pointing to the migratory wild birds as the culprit behind the spread of the avian flu could divert our attention from other more plausible sources/carriers of the infection.


yeah. fowls crying foul. devah. :P dapat lang. people are stupid sometimes. creating hysteria over nothing. paimportanteng species baga. well.


just declogging here with hot green tea before i sleep. as usual, my nose was ready to drop off kanina sa cine adarna because of the freaking cold aircon. nagpasikat ang bagong pagawang aircon at full-blast lamig pa rin siya kahit na dalawa lang sa kanila ang gumagana kanina. sa lagay na yon, pinatay na nila yung iba. wowee. lameg.

we watched RIGODON, sari dalena and keith sicat's film although it's really, well, how should i say this, sari-esque more than keith-ish, but i don't really know keith so well but anyway... yon.

kiri dalena showed her docu on veiled muslim women. very interesting visuals. ganda ng mga kuha kasi oks yung lugar ng shoot nila. i wish my visuals for my own muslim-themed docu will come out just as fine. i'm actually interested to edit it na e. puwede kayang skip the next shoots na lang? hehe. ala lang. tumatanda na ata ako at di ko na feel masyado ang pagshoot. ewan.

masarap yung cocktails kanina, lalo na yung chicken lollipop and garlic mayo dip. pero bakit wala yatang wine? hm. la lang. :P this is beginning to be "chicken lollipop month." kahit anong cocktail ang puntahan ko, may chicken lollipop tulad dun sa israeli filmfest sa podium. pero yun weird kasi di ka talaga makakain ng maayos dahil dala-dala ng serbidora ang pica at papakuhanin ka lang ng konti tapos iikot sila sa place. e parang ang laki ng place ano at syempre ikot lang sila ng ikot. hindi na lang ibaba sa certain tables yung trays. weird yun. sa lahat ng cocktails yata, yung ang strangest presentation ever. syempre winner pa rin ang mga bastille day celebs ng mga pranses sa haus ng amba in the late '90s. those were fun times. fun company of friends, too.

hm, i wonder how chicken lollipop was invented. maybe i should ask my culinary expert ex-colleague. panalo ang dessert blog nya eh. i get tips on where to go sometimes dito. and when we were colleagues pa nga in an IT company before, she appreciated the way i reviewed restos daw. nakakataba ng puso naman yun talaga. well, i hope she's doing fine with her family now, and her condition.

speaking of food, nagutom tuloy lola nyo. hm kaya from now on, papauso ako ng sarili kong status eklavu.

CURRENT BEVERAGE: hot green tea with muscovado
WHO I'D LIKE TO KILL TODAY: the person scaring us with bird flu ek
WHO I'D LIKE TO HUG TODAY: the dude who bothered to email us that the birds are fine

ayan. di ba, kesa sa current music, current mood thang?


in other news, my monday script class seems to be a fun bunch. let's hope so. the morning film language and grammar class is, well, a bit sleepy. wrong time talaga yung. next sem, iibahin ko na nga yung sked na yun.

and yipee i got reinstated sa aking MA! so enrol ang byuti ko ng penalty courses kanina. got heidi abad again, this time writing for young adults. teach ko sya sa wirting for children dati, eons ago! buti na lang kilala pa nya ko. :) tapos i enlisted sa c201 ni kate only to find out na 2 units lang ang credit nun bummer. media 210 under ms betsy sana is waaay kewl pero warak ang rest sked ko nun, sayang. kaya i opted na for the cinema and nation class ni sir edp. bat kasi yung mga keri kong course e either wed o sat? asar.

geez, now i know how my students feel hehe.

kaya ayun, acad mode ang lola 'pag tue and fri afternoons. hapi naman. :) at reduced fees akesh! hehe. plus since may opisyal na basbas ako ng dyos(a), hindi na ako ang kelangang maglakad ng chenelyn na yan pala, assessment checker etc. hay ang sarap ng perk na yun sa totoo lang. pero actually, i don't mind because that's the time i get exercise from walking around peyups.

heniwey, check out my dahondyaryo link for upcoming kewl events ha. bjelland, si bliss lim magle-lecture about hollywood remaking asian horror films. interesting ini! lalo na sa tulad mong fan ng genre. punta ka. nov24 1pm cmc audi. will post again.

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