22 August 2005

poison of choice this sunday night...

... is two full shots of tequila gold (pepe something is what i have here at home, which is a taaaad stronger than cuervo believe you me. and way cheaper plus cooler bottle design, but i digress) plus four shots of that new mirinda calamansi soda drink (kinda pale, i just tried it out today) and a shot of tropicana orange juice (made the blend lubricate well if you know what i mean). on the rocks. not that strong but hey, enough for me to snooze tonight. yipee.

siguro kapag nabasa ng mga estudyante ko ito, aakalain nilang tomador ang titser nila. tama kayo riyan teeheehee. aba hanapin niyo ang ibang abang guro ninyo kung nasan sila kapag early evening (sarah's!) and you will say i am not alone. seriously, there's more to why i have to drink to fall asleep, but i don't feel like talking about that here. ask me offline, will ya? but man, it's dangereuse for my liver when i'm alone at home, eh? hay.

the film yahoogroups have been debating to death what indie filmmaking means. give it a rest, guys. get a life. nasasawa na ko.

yeah, that's the tequila talking. maybe.

i revisited smallville yesterday. season 3. man, lex and clark are as homoerotic as ever. and that's just til episode 7 ha! wowee ano na kaya gagawin nila sa end of season? abangan!

found the cheapest brie cheese earlier at hi-top. 75 bucks for i dont know grams. it's a steal, 50 percent off. because it's expiring on friday. not to worry. brie doesn't stay long in the ref. my tongue can't be stopped when it comes to that cheese. yummy. i shoulda bought 3 pieces. it's as big/round as my palm (my whole palm) and as thick as half my thumb's height. basta okay siya.

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