10 June 2005

state of my world

hay naku, me and my sorry ass, andito lang sa haus the whole day. plans of checking out the pink film festival at gateway didn't materialize; tinamad lola nyo. after that meeting with wwf, hay... yeah, nakakatamad nga to go somewhere else. suddenly, i had this urge to beautify my humble abode. i don't know why. but i made emoticons and posted them on the capiz windows. well, partly. umulan din kasi kaya tinamad ako. hate hate hate that rain, man. hay...

was catching up on current events today. well well well, mired in controversy na naman ang first family of the country pala. what else is new? caught a glimpse of mikey on ch7 categorically denying things about that jueteng whistleblower baglady. hay... i remember he had that same look when he was avoiding answering us about whether he will run or not as pampanga governor ba yun or something? some years back, when i was in pinoy times newspaper and we had dinner at torque resto dyan sa off-morato streets kasama si manay lolit solis and some of our editors. i can't forget his facial expressions because he was seated directly in front of me and i had nothing else to look at aside from my fetuccine alfredo (which sucked big time). no choice. and it was such a freaking long dinner. i should have ordered dessert. nahihiya lang ako kay manay lolit. yea, kay manay ako nahiya. hm, bakit nga ba? i can't remember na why...

hay naku, my poor country... so what else is new? jueteng will not go anywhere, now or ever. at least erap didn't touch the middle class. i guess his only fault was that he bcame brusko and tuloy, tinalukuran siya ng isang cohort. pero syempre mali pa rin yung mansions niya at ang katamaran. since gloria stepped in, she's been hounding the middle class - vat, taxes, all those things. mas lumalaki tuloy ang scope ng lower class. yung dating lower middle nagiging upper lower na. hay naku... that means us!!! san na kaya pupulutin ang new graduates?

all this talk pa lately about advocacy... ewan ko ba. minsan talaga, di ko alam kung nasaan ang advocacy ng mga tao. kung wala nang funding na supplied by european aid agencies, mamamatay na rin ba ang advocacy nila kaya? i wonder... hm.

minsan, i get paralyzed by these things, thinking about them, how this all affects my loved ones and friends, how i fit into the scheme of things, stuff like that. muni-muni moments. nakaka-paralyze thinking about it kaya nga i forced myself up to do something. yea, i need to work out again. been lax in that department for so long. our bellydancing teacher left na for a job at hong kong disneyland and i'm not so keen on boxing lately if i'm alone. kaya ayun... tinatamad lola nyo. pero i have to change that. lately, coming back to UP was great. i get to walk around the campus again, kung di umuulan. that's where i get my exercise lang lately eh. hay nakuh... have to change this.

wala pala pasok sa lunes yehei! :) buti naman.

merde talaga! la pluie bumalik pa. nyeta. je le déteste.

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