17 May 2005

hue, me? hue-mor me.

life is colorful. let's see.


light me up inside... chos.
nahuli sa po-quiaps.

parang ang sarap ng kendi pag ganito ang presenteyshun

dashboard confessional!
only in da pilipin taxis...


very interesting day i had. strange that some people were not answering certain text questions. crazy that some people ask you leading questions that you do not answer directly. frustrating that some people make you ask multiple questions when they will give me just answer. relaxing that your questions are met with fellow questions then both the questioner and the questioned try to find a similar/parallel answer to those sets of questions.


i've come to rationalize life within a comfort/discomfort dichotomy. the question here is, where do you want to belong? it's too tempting to stay on the slash, but you will literally get slashed nga if you stay there too long. better make up your mind. hey, i know i did -- even if i am not so sure if i did the right thang. sometimes, you go with your feelings. most times, you go with your gut. rarely do you let your intellect decide. hm.

like i said before, i wish color made the world go round, instead of money. hay...

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