20 June 2017

Global village isolation

Sitting near a table where an elderly couple just concluded their meal, maybe minutes or half an hour ago, I can't tell. They had ramen, that I can tell. What I can also tell is the state of their relationship at the moment. Looks like they're in an emotional plateau, as they've been sitting there for a good 20 minutes already, not talking with each other, instead staring at their respective smartphones, scrolling away, adjusting their eyeglasses from time to time, eyebrows arched for better vision or maybe a stupid Facebook post reaction, not sure.

Why do I side stare? Because I can't help but compare us to them. We always have our smartphones with us, too. But we don't go for five, ten, twenty minutes of staring without interacting with the other, to share a thought about a stupid Facebook post, an interesting email, or just about anything under the sun. Three years and counting, and we never run out of thoughts to share with the other. More importantly, we don't run out of interest to connect with the other.

So no, relationship plateaus don't happen here. Not in our household. For in the trips we make together in life, we know how to stop, pause, and camp out when there are inclines. And then we continue, traveling, moving forward.

Forward, always.

And PS yea I ❤ salmon sashimi hihi. Missed me?

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