20 November 2013

Messages for the oxbull

Break muna bago balik sa work.

Aliw lang ang mga messages from the stars today. 

General Daily Horoscope for today said:

We start the day feeling anxious but our nervous energy gradually begins to settle down once the jittery Gemini Moon shifts into contemplative Cancer at 6:22 am EST. The edginess is emphasized by mental Mercury's very early morning alignment with high-strung Uranus, elevating our expectations and encouraging rebellious behavior. Later in the evening, Mercury hooks up with penetrating Pluto to deepen our thoughts and activate our inner worlds.

Okay 'yan beks. Kelangan ko yang deepen my thoughts ek, as if they're not deep enough anesh? Kelangan ko rin 'yang activation of inner worlds, hane, lalo na't major wafung itong outer world ko recently. Sige.

Then my major sun sign Taurus reading said:

There's no reason to be in a hurry today even if you're trying to resolve the tension between you and a loved one. Although you might be feeling a sense of urgency, taking your time may be the most intelligent tactic you can employ now. Thankfully, stressful emotions should settle down on their own, enabling you to process the previously frazzled energy. Don't bother looking for quick solutions. Your inner guide will reveal the best path, but only if you have the wisdom to slow down and wait for the inspiration.

Yes, stressful emotions were immediately calmed down na, thanks to my dear precious circle of friends who really have my back, hindi lang 'yung kasama sila sa mga pagtatakip o pagtatanggol sa 'yo kapag may kahayupan kang ginagawa and such, or at least they got your back in the right, proper, moral and ethical way. I am so lucky I have such good-natured non-loser friends. Maybe it's because I'm also proper, moral and ethical a person, like them. Birds of the same feather flock together indeed. Be careful who you surround yourself with, I always say. Very thankful they're here with me through thick and thin. Love you guys.

Then finally, my moon sign Cancer reading naman said: 

If you're worried about the final outcome of a situation, remember that everything unfolds at its own rate and resolution may remain out of reach for now. Luckily, something unusual could happen today that snaps you out of your anxiety, even if no one else wants to acknowledge how much has changed in just a few short hours. You should explain your newfound optimism, especially if others are working hard to hide the truth. Just remember that blame doesn't help your cause. Lead by example to make your point.

Not only did someone in my vicinity work very, very hard to hide the truth, but nag-create pa ng elaborate schemes, storylines, scenarios and reasons just to put up a front based on lies, lies lies, more lies, and deception. One for the books ito, I tell you. Isang araw, magiging laman ka na lang ng nobela ko. Abangan mo 'yan, award-winning 'yan, teh. Karma is digital, lagi mo ngang sinasabi. Kaya isang araw, magiging totoo na lang din 'yan sa yo. 

Abang ka lang.

In the meantime, I don't have anything to do but sit back, be my fabulous usual self, and shine. I know what I am worth, and I know I am highly valued in society. Are you?

Esep-esep 'pag may time. Kung may isip ka, that is.

Because sometimes, life is better if you see clear delineations 
of blacks and whites. Grey areas suck, big time. 
No more time for fakers, Kal-el. 
Fly, as you are meant to. Higher. 
[November 2013 at Zoricho's Robinsons Galleria]


  1. BFF K always and foreverNovember 21, 2013 at 5:15 AM

    You know everything I want to say. What goes around...I can't wait for the boomerang to return. I'll be watching and waiting to read about this hideous creature in print.

    1. Alam mo yan beks. Abangan! LOVE YOU BEKS!!!