01 July 2012

Why do we weep?

 I know thee not, old man.
 - from Shakespeare's Henry IV part 2 Act 5 Scene 5

Tell me young folk, why oh why do you weep?

I sometimes weep for sane reasons. I also weep when reasons are insane.

I weep for the loss of humanity in others, when they know not what their actions do to the rest of their kin, their constituents, their governed. 

I weep for the loss of my own humanity when I realize that interacting with other humans make me lose sight of what it is to be human sometimes, especially when I interact with those who have no inkling of what it is to be truly humane. 

Yet I also weep for the gain of knowledge, the realization of a truth, the ascension of a thought long buried, only now (re)surfacing. 

I weep for the attainment of a feeling that makes me human again, making me sensitive to the world, to what makes it evolve, making me overcome those that pull me down to devolve with them.

We weep for any loss, any gain. We always weep. That is what makes us human; because we feel. To deny one of this action is inhuman. We should not defy what is in our nature, even if it is in our nature to be defiant.

Contradictions. Ironies. They also make us weep, or at least help us cope after we weep. Yes, after.

To realize that one is loved and yet one is doubted, to be cared for yet to be scrutinized, being in between makes one weep as well. Weep for what exactly, sometimes it's unclear. Sometimes the lack of clarity also makes us weep. But what makes us weep even more is the realization that things are crystal clear, so clear that you get surprised why you never saw things this clearly before. Yes, you also weep because you saw. You realized, you saw, and you felt. Then you wept. 

We are human. We weep. So let me. It is a release. And after, we rise.

We always rise.

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