07 June 2012


It's strange but when I woke up today, it's like I'm filled with a strange yet wonderful feeling of being recharged, like my soul was renewed or something. Nothing heavy, just plain...lightness. As in, ang gaan-gaan ng feeling ('90s kid ka if you can sing along to that tune! hehe) type of thing. I don't know. Strange lang. But it feels great.

I think it has something to do with the kind of week I'm having so far, and yet it's not yet over ha. Almost but not quite. 

Just stop and admire the artwork, beks. Breathe. 
(At opo wala na pong eye candy from now on, pramis! Ikawcandyko na lang heehee) 
[June 2012 Seattle's Best Katips]

I started with Monday beating two deadlines, the first to make an impression and the second to continue upholding an impression. In short, tumanggap na naman ng sandamakmak na labada ang lola mo teh! Haha I miss using that word -- labada -- or laundry, to pertain to work we writers/editors accept and do to earn a living. I first heard it from my copyeditor of the newsletter I was in charge of at my former women's NGO media office. So it stuck. But because of my labada, it was also the first time in months that I lost sleep (or slept very late, like waaah ayan na ang sunrise! late) because of it. Sanay na naman ako sa ganyan bilang media person nga ako but still, the times like that are few and far between lately. I've also tempered my work system as attuned to my body clock over time so ayun. Nanibago haha! Which brings me to Tuesday.

Tuesday I woke up very late (like past 10am beks) I met up with my Brooklyn bff who's here for a gathering-vacation of sorts. Saw her and another old friend from our UP Sappho Society years tagged along with her girlfriend. That was such a great bonding. So after the labada mode, lafang mode! We ended up going on a QC-near-UP food trip haha! Sweet. Grabe bondat!

And thanks for my New York loot woot!

Wednesday was supposed to be chill day by noon onwards but another good friend asked for some help with some media work, and so I lent them my time and my equipment. But we ended up making chika some more hahaha since it felt like ages since we saw each other last, ever since she went back home to Dumaguete early this year. So that was so swell, to be in touch again. And yes, to have and be each other's support system of sorts, in an advice exchange type of deal heheh. Not to mention that we are now forming The LDR Club pala hahahaha leche. Kami na inlab sa mga taga-ibang ibayo hahaha. But also, that is quite changing some landscapes...sooner or later hahaha. Ayus. Wala lang, I'm just happy that my friends are really happy.

Another reason why I think I am happy is because yesterday morning, I traveled a bit up in the boondocks only to find myself backing out of an appointment, at 7:45 in the friggin' morning. And that action prompted me to assess myself even more, coming to the conclusion that in my 39 years of existence on earth, I am happy to say that I could sense when things should be pursued or not, professionally and/or artistically speaking. Or something. As I tweeted first thing yesterday:

Forgive the typo. It's hard to BBtweet on a moving vehicle 
when traversing on a higher altitude than Metro Manila hehe.

But after that boondocks moment, I went down to old and familiar territory and decided to reconnect with a life that was on vacation. Yeah, #buhayprof mode is on once again, advising students for enrollment period this week. Balik na naman ang mga makukulit hayst. But let's see. So chill lang. Twas also good to hang in my usual space there. Maybe savor moments before things change drastically again in the near future. Oh Hogwarts ko... Well, dedma.

And then it's now na. I just decided to chill today because I have to finish some more writing stuff, one in my dreaded academic mode and the other in my most beloved queer advocacy mode. Yeah, my writing life is schizo that way. Just spent the whole morning researching on some wellness stuff as well and I am also quite excited to implement it actually. Let's see what happens.

Tomorrow, I'm quite excited because of some bonding time with some sweet kids. Also been in touch again regularly with my heart ever since Globe decided to beef up their networks and screwed it bigtime last weekend. So there. BBM-ing (haha yeah I know it's gerund redundant but what the hey, reinvent!) is back on. And because of that connection, another possibility opened up with me, something we've been discussing before, and something I've been mulling over for quite some time already. So we'll see how that one goes. Yes, that excited me anew!

I'm also glad that this big windfall I'm waiting for the whole summer finally arrived. It also solves quite a few things not only in my life but in someone else's as well, and I am so happy to share these types of blessings and great vibes that come my way, especially to my heart. So that one really relaxed me a lot. Not to mention another scheduled windfall which I am waiting for in the next few weeks as well. I hope that comes earlier. But regardless, I'm fine. So fine. :) I'm sorry but whoever said money can't buy happiness doesn't know where to spend it and what to shop for noh! Heheh. Tanga lang siya teh. Hihihi. Heniweyz...

Still more things up my plate as the week winds up.Tonight I'll also be hanging out with a photographer who wants to include me in a series of photo essays on queer life blah. I hope that turns out well. Will update.

And then on Saturday, depending on my writing mode today and tomorrow, we'll see if we can hang out with my mum. I owe her one, at least before school starts next week. We'll see. 

And then on Sunday, a possible hangout with my queer friend again, maybe with tatts involved yey! We'll see. Excited about that one too. Been thinking of getting another small one the whole summer. Will update. :)

Used to wear this. remember? Reminder to self.

Yeah, happy pill mode, as an online friend on Twitter said. i think I downed lots lately! And that's just cool. It seems that lately, I'm not running out of supplies. And yeah, that is just great. 

Yep yep, life is short. And when you operationalize, positivity arises. Therefore. :)

Life is good, man. And yeah, I am owning this hashtag I created whenever I feel this lovable bearable lightness of my being: #happyhuman.

It has evolved.

Life is short. Be happy, humans. :) 

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