23 May 2012

BBBayli mode-ing

At the risk of sounding like an advert, let me just say that I love love love having a BlackBerry phone. Mightiest best buy ever grabe sobra for this year, gadget-wise hehe. Super ang superlatives teh. Ganung levels kasi eh.

Got it under a prepaid plan under Globe, then enrolled in an unlimited BB internet usage scheme, 
giving me the chance to go online all the time, especially with that BBM messaging scheme thingie. 
Wagas siya teh. Wagas. (April 2012 at the Globe Business Center SM Marikina)

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am a fan of communication -- and also the reinvention and enhancement of it, I should add. Now I see the appreciation of onsite journalists who praise the usefulness of such gadgets in coverage situations. Even if I'm not a hard news journalist, sometimes I treat the gadget as if I am one. But of course I use it merely to inform my family and friends of what's happening to me and what I'm doing and such via the various social networking sites we're on. Well, mostly Twitter and Facebook for us.

 Oh yeah, but I did use it as a journalist once na nga pala. In an impromptu walk with an interviewee 
for a magazine I'm going to write for, I wasn't able to get to my recorder gadget in time. 
But since my BB was already in my hand, I just used it to access the voice recorder and 
take pictures for reference. Useful! (May 2012 at Enchanted Farm Cafe along Commonwealth Ave QC)

Well, basically, I got this for a specific one-track-mind objective, to tell you the truth. It makes messaging with my heart a bit faster, more economical (ang buhay ay economics FTW heheh) and, er, let's say better, sweeter, and, um, hotter? Hahaha figure that one out! :P

Wala, ako na inlab haha.

Even in hibernation from the world, the BB was able to connect me to my world, 
and my world to me. Especially to my heart. :) (April 2012 in Puerto Galera)

Yeah, it's not such an awful waste of space after all, Carl Sagan. Even with miles between us and oceans keeping us apart, invisible particles honed in pretty gadgets make long distance relationships easier to manage, and bridge.  Yeah, we're not complaining. If this is as good as it gets for now, then we'll grab it and cherish it. Anything to preserve the love. ;)

Ako na talaga inlab hahaha! Chos.

P.S. Miss you. :)

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