07 April 2012

lusaw puso moments

While riding at the back of his aunt's car tonight, he pointed out to me this vacant lot with some signage we passed along the street.

He knows, like his siblings, and especially his mom, that I live in a condo. And they've been wanting to hang out there since they got a taste of it the first time.

He said, "Tita, ayan condo din 'yan, o, tatayo diyan. Diyan ka na lang kumuha ng condo, para malapit sa school ko. Saka sa bahay namin."

Heart, please melt. Now na.

bless the beasts and the children,
as Karen Carpenter sang (April 2012 Taytay)

Wherever I live, you are all welcome in my home. Because you are all welcome in my heart.

Just enter.

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