19 February 2012

see that girl, watch that scene

Bonding time with my mom.

Sumi-CCP kami! Ano'ng 'bawal ang camera' ha? Click! Heheh.

It's the best!

Treated her to some theater today. She's into movies more (as we all are in the family; haller why d'ya think I became a filmmaker?) so I think this is the first time in, like, decades, that she watched something onstage again. At natuwa naman siya. CCP is a long way from her comfort zone and I'm glad I'm with her in this place that is familiar to me and my arts to share our love for this certain artwork. She was hesitant at firs
t because the tickets are expensive daw etc. etc. lam mu na, nanay woes, but money's no object when it comes to treating the people you love. At least that's how I see it. Pera lang 'yan, kikitain ko ulit 'yan sa future rakets. What's more important is that I could use it to buy something that will make me and my loved ones happy. And there you go. (Ganansya naman ng pagiging "Artist II" ko ito e heheh so put it to good use and see some art. Odevah! Wahaha! Chos.)

Mamma Mia is really a generational bonding thing for us in the family. I dunno, we Pinoys, we heart Abba, especially my parents. Read my review of the 2008 film version and you'll see how we bond the Abba way. Sayang lang at di sumama 'yung isa kong tita, nag-back out 'yung cousin ko rin. Oh well. Keri lang naman kahit kaming dalawa lang. I just wish my sister were here with us, too. Wagi sana ito, bonding kaming tatlo ulit. Just like old times.

Saya lang teh!

more kulitan hehe

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