26 February 2012

and my secret love's no secret anymore

Watching two contenders tonight, I fell in love all over again with my first loves. Yes, I have so many loves on so many levels and stuff. I am polyamorous that way, I guess hehe.

For cities, to visit, there will always be Paris. And I hate Woody Allen for fueling that love to visit this place. Why do you think I studied French in college and at Alliance Francaise? In preparation.

Ay heychu Woody Allen. Y U so good???

And then there's my longstanding love affair with motion pictures, old and new. The old ones hark me back to the romantic glamorous era. The new ones tease the visual storyteller in me. And this "modern silent film" did me in, combining both:

Every year I have an Oscar crush. This year, it's this girl hehe.
So Marion Cotillard was also in Allen's film, but we're so over.
Like she's so 2008 hehe. I do not recycle ex-crushes hehe. Chos.

Oscars movie marathon by my lonesome at home, after finishing off some duties and stuff today. Walang tulugan na itoh!!!

Full reviews soon.

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