07 August 2011

sentimentality slippage #005

I know my superfriend M said to be grateful that I'm in the situation I'm in now, but still, I miss chilling out.

like hanging out at coffee shops to chill, read a book, people-watch,
write or journal and stuff (August 2010 at Cravings, Shangri-la mall)

Like taking it easy, no stress from too much work coming from different directions, relaxing and stuff like that.

But right now, aside from teaching and my weekly writing gig for POC (latest article out already, on queer marriage proposals including *mine*), there are two mainstream TV stuff going on plus an independent project going on, aside from being super-pumped to start two personal projects.

Yes, I'm super-busy, but life is grand that way sometimes. Still, it's nice to stop and smell the aroma of coffee sometimes. And to just chill.

So yes, I miss that.

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