03 March 2011

there's a little black spot on the sun no more

A couple of days ago, I noticed that my office watch stopped.

self-souvenir from new york city
with a label that says "made in china"
bought for ten dollars inside a store
run by indians within chinatown.
multiculturalism at its finest!

What could it mean?

Hm, nothing. It means the batteries run for a year lang.

And yes, it's Liberty who stopped. Ah, statue state of time? Hm. I wonder.

Wanderlust beckons anew. Do we heed?

If only.


But in all honesty, I like the day that just passed.

Aside from watching on the big screen in a Metro Manila theater a very legitimately hot hot hot girl-on-girl make-out and lovemaking session which was not cut by MTRCB (homaygad the girl from That '70s Show is all grown up!!!! Nom nom!), I am at peace knowing that things destined for the future to happen could still be altered, like big time! BIG! What a relief!

And so yes, I am happy now. I guess the antidote for burnout is karma.


But for now, we gush:

ahhhh. if i had this girl in between my legs... arrr.
yes, the eyes and lips always get me,
among other body parts. chos.
photo from here.

smoldering! and uncut!!!! ah, good thing i watched
this alone, 'no? no semi-private grabbing happened during
the public screening of this movie. chos! hehe.
photo from here.

even natalie portman can't resist her. who could????
hay aronofsky, henyo ka. review later.
photo from here.

I am *such* a dyke.

Yeah and you love me for it. Chos! Wahaha.

Okay fine laterz! :)


  1. Hm, yeah, I kept waiting for her lez scene. Wanted to throttle Natalie Portman for brushing Mila Kunis off lots of times. Haha! But I had been so disturbed by the rest of Aronofsky's imagery that I couldn't even enjoy the lesbian scene. *le sigh*

  2. haha such is the case with all of aronofsky's films kasi. dapat it goes with a warning that says "let the viewer beware!" hehe.

  3. True!! Before this, I had actually avoided The Wrestler and Requiem for a Dream. I totally believe it was my fault I didn't check the posters. I just saw the words "Natalie Portman" and "Lesbian sex scene" in twitter and I headed for the theaters immediately. When I saw his name on the opening credits...I nervously held on to my seat. Yowch.