24 April 2010

double time zoning

weird. workaholic daw ako pero mahilig rin mag-relax. sabi ng stars sa akin today:

General Daily Horoscope Influences

The hardworking Virgo Moon won't let us relax too much today as she forms an uncomfortable sesquisquare with the Sun. Meanwhile, three planets in sensual Taurus encourage us to take it easy. Fortunately we're able to overcome the temptation to forget about our chores when Venus creates a well-balanced trine with responsible Saturn. It may actually feel good to put in that extra effort, especially later when we have the satisfaction of a job well done.

April 24, 2010

Happy Birthday
Libay Cantor

Today ...

Treat yourself to all the things you like, but remember that moderation is the best way to avoid the consequences of having "more than enough"!

Your Taurus Horoscope:

Today you could be a formidable opponent, not that you are leaning toward any sort of conflict, aside from a competitive sport. It's just that your patience and determination can wear someone down who stands in your way. Your strength comes from your ability to avoid an argument even if there's a difference of opinion. Don't push too hard; gentle persuasion will now work in your favor better than any other approach.

ayuz. customized? nah. i think this is the taurean reading for the day. but it's cool.

as i write this, my birthday day is almost over in manila b
ut here in california, it's just starting. it's weird to be in two time zones celebrating your birthday like that. i dunno. it's like i have one foot on both sides of the world -- which is what i literally have been thinking the past few weeks i've been here. basta. long story hard to tell.

schmoozing with marilyn monroe
at universal studios

it has been a blast. the celebration came early with my sister treating me and herself to a theme park overload at disneyland and universal studios in los angeles early this week, not to mention the last minute visit to the griffith observatory before driving back home. it was the time of her long vacation from work. so now, i'm just relaxing here while she's off to work again. no big deal. super-happy na 'yung mga pasyal days namin dito anyway, at ang super-pig out sessions at lafangan galore everywhere. ayuz.

dumi-disney naman

it's nice to take a break din pala, pero i'm also excited na rin to go home. i fly back to manila next week. mami-miss ko itong easy relaxing time dito sa apartment ng sister ko. pero may plan kaming trip next year hehe so at least magki-kitakits ulit kahit papaano, hopefully every year na. well, let's see what happens. basta. long story hard to tell.

astronomy geek at the
griffith observatory woot!

ang sarap lang magsulat ng maraming bagay tungkol sa trip na ito, but i'm reserving that for when i go home na lang. i just want to absorb things here and breathe the air and soak in the weather and all that jazz. i know the kind of stress that's waiting for me when i return, and i am trying to psyche myself up for that.

closest best shot of the hollywood sign
from a hiking trail in front of it

but one thing's for sure: i'm glad i went on this trip. i should trav
el more often talaga. it unclogs the senses, especially the mind and the soul. oh yes, now that i'm 37, i'm ready for a whole new year, dude. bring it on!!!!

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