13 November 2009

tell me, am i IMMORAL and a THREAT TO THE YOUTH?

because that's what COMELEC just called me. not just me, us! more than a million lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender filipinos today. they called us IMMORAL and a THREAT TO THE YOUTH.

read about it here: why the comelec thinks my group, ANGLADLAD, should not be accredited to run as a legitimate not-a-front-for-anything-illegal partylist group.

The Commission on Elections (Comelec) has dismissed a petition of Ang Ladlad, a gay organization seeking congressional representation in the May elections as a party-list group, saying it “tolerates immorality.”

Citing the teachings of Lehman Strauss, an American Bible teacher, the Comelec said the principles of Ang Ladlad were a threat to young Filipinos.

“Should this commission grant the petition, we will be exposing our youth to an environment that does not conform to the teachings of our faith,” the resolution said.

“As an agency of the government, ours too is the state’s avowed duty under Section 13, Article II of the Constitution, to protect our youth from moral and spiritual degradation,” it added.

this government sucks.

i am a law-abiding, tax paying citizen of this country. i have my rights and i want them enacted now!

for the life of me, i don't quite fathom how religious bigots could unanimously exclude an entire sector of society based solely on teachings more ancient than their brains.

i am a teacher, and i am in contact with children and young adults for the most part of the week. i guide our future leaders, our youth, into making more informed decisions in their education, their future careers, and their future life. how come you call me a threat to them?

i am a media practitioner, and i write a children's television show that espouses positive values and proper behavior towards others. i directed a family-oriented tv show that taught camaraderie and believin
g in one's self especially if you are young. how come i am seen as a threat in this society if i do these positive things?

so in all of who i am and in all of what i do, in what context am i a "threat to the youth," pray tell? i do not touch them, i do not molest them, i do not impregnate them and abandon them, i do not abuse th
em. how about you, comelec? how about the other straight people who do this on a daily basis (read and watch the news!)? are they a "threat to the youth?"

tell me!

how come heterosexual sickos like that could run as mayors of small towns where they could rape underage girls given to them as "gifts?"

how come heterosexual sickos like that could r
un as governors of provinces if they use their wives or girlfriends' faces as punching bags and brag about it on television in the name of pinoy machismo?

how come heterosexual sickos like that c
ould become congressmen who buy condominiums for their mistresses behind the backs of their legitimate wives and not call it adultery or concubinage?

how come heterosexual sickos like that become senators and cover-up their pasts full of human rights abuses and practices towards women and children?

how come heterosexual sickos like that could become vice president of the country even if they do unethical work pract

or worse, how come heterosexual sickos like that could run and become president, by hook or by crook, and then spend the country's money buying war gadgets to kill its citizenry instead of learning materials to help educate them?

or even worse, become president and just kill every damn progressive thinker/group that criticizes the government and tinker with the constitution in order to preserve their power for all eternity.


so who's immoral now?

not us, comelec. certainly not us.


so if you agree with us, please read:

ANG LADLAD, our LGBT partlylist, was NOT accredited by COMELEC on two grounds: "IMMORALITY DOCTRINE (as per the Quran and the Bible) and as a "THREAT TO THE YOUTH". We are planning to have massive protest actions regarding this discriminatory Comelec decision and treatment against LGBTs. PLEASE join in solidarity with us. ATTEND the LGBT MEETING on SAT Nov. 14 9am-12nn, University Hotel, UP Diliman.

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