03 October 2009

Announcement for all my classes

Due to the unforeseen circumstances we all experienced these past days, I am moving several deadlines we previously scheduled for our final class requirements, also to coincide with the university's changes for the first semester's schedules.

Take heed.

For Film 131 Narrative Film:

Our final production film showing will be moved one week, from our original date of October 6. I will now see you back in class on October 13 Tuesday, still at 1-4pm class hours and still in B1 room as of now. If there are any changes in the room, Ate Fortune will post it a day before. Please check at the Academic Office for updates, if any. If none, we proceed.

For Film 151 Scriptwriting I:

I am moving our deadline of submission of your full-length screenplays. You can now submit your manuscripts on October 12, Monday up to 12 noon only. Anything beyond that, the usual deductions will already apply.

For Film 10 Sining Sine:

Our final production showing on October 7 will still push through. I don't think I can move it to a week later because of your uneven skeds. So see you Wednesday, still at our usual room and class sked.

For my Film 200 thesis advisees:

If you are going to defend your thesis on October 7, I will see your final cuts on Monday, October 5. Please text me so we can set up a specific hour and place for our viewing. Please bring your defense forms already so I could already sign them. I may not be in UP on October 8.

For your guidance. Thanks.

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