12 July 2009

UP Film Institute's Change of Management

official notice to all:

This is to announce to everyone the commencement of the terms of the new UPFI management.

Effective July 1, 2009, here are the changes:

-- The new UPFI Director is now Prof. Eduardo Lejano, Jr.
(succeeding Prof. Anne Marie de Guzman).

-- The new UPFI Academic Coordinator is Prof. Roehl Jamon
(succeeding Ms. Libay Linsangan Cantor).

The old "upfi.academic@gmail.com" will no longer be used.
You could reach the Academic Coordinator at the new email

You can reach Ms. Cantor at her personal email libaylc@gmail.com
or through her multiply account at libaycantor.multiply.com.

-- The new UPFI Theater Coordinator is Prof. Yason Banal
(succeeding Ms. Avie Felix).

The old "upfi.adarna@gmail.com" will no longer be used.
You could reach the Theater Coordinator at the new email

You can reach Ms. Felix at her personal email avie.felix@gmail.com.

If you have any academic or theater-related concerns,
please contact the newly-appointed professors directly.

The account of com> is still currently up
and will still be moderated by the new faculty coordinators.

You can also add up the newly-created Facebook page of UPFI at the following link:

Thank you very much for your continued support of UPFI.


and the unofficial notice to all:

yeheyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! hahahahaha.



wala lang. after three years, dami ko kasi gusto gawin. una, simulan ang bagong nobela. um, yes, bago, kasi yung una, er, sige na nga, ire-revise at polish pa. maybe next year, who knows? :)

and then, gala! as in, travel! so kaladkarin niyo na ko sa mga nais niyo akong kasama na lugar teehee... so check na ang baguio. up next, la union beach! and then... i still have that hong kong offer. sige sige, might get that. hehe. hmmm nate-tempt akong sumabit sa plano ng isa diyan na asian backpacking tour chuva. kung kaya ng budget, why not? hehehe.

i'm also starting my PhD. soon.

well, wish me luck! la vita e bella, indeed. :P


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