03 May 2009

tracking leaflens online

it appears as if this blog is quiet. it feels as if i'm not blogging lately, from the looks of this blog.

not quite.

i've actually been blogging endlessly, but in other venues, particularly in my multiply accounts. i set up both accounts to funnel posts here. i don't understand why it's not funneling lately. i'm not much of a techie as you can see, so that glitch is beyond me.

so what i'll do is just to do it the old-fashioned way -- to blog it here first, if possible. well, it depends on the posts.

since i've become a public school teacher, i became a bit careful about my blogging. at first, i debated about this with myself, weighing what online publishing is for, and stuff like that. but in the end, privacy still matters. i don't want to share too much out there anymore, especially to kids i will just encounter maybe once or twice in this lifetime in a class or two. thus, i filtered my secondary leaflens account in multiply, leaflens perspective, beginning 2009. that blog is the one for my friends, some close contacts, relatives and other peeps from my lgbt networks, primarily because i blog most of my lgbt musings and personal musings there. the ones i can share to the world, i funnel out here. alas, i may have to do that manually, but i don't mind. i actually missed blogging here first, because of all that cross-posting technology. from now on, we do it the old-fashioned way. if you're in these networks of mine, feel free to add that account if you have multiply.

the ones i filtered out from leaflens perspective, i transferred to my more public blog, the divine miss L - char!, also in multiply. that one i retain for my work colleagues, professional/business contacts, and students. it's convenient to segregate things in the digital age. i track stuff faster this way. if you belong in these networks of mine, feel free to add me up. yes, you can add both accounts, why not? like the other multiply account, i've also been funneling the contents of that site here, all content actually. alas, the crossposting also went haywire with that one, so i'm just reposting from scratch just like the other one.

i would also like to jazz this site up again because this is the one i hooked up to rainbow bloggers, the network run by yffar and other like-minded lgbt peeps in the country. if you want to hook up with us online, please contact one of the administrators. even though i'm technically one of them, well, i don't really run the site. i was invited by yffar to be one of the authors, and i haven't really sat down and looked into that lately, these past 3-4 months. but i will do that, soon.

i've also been remiss in blogging about a lot of things, because of personal things happening with me, especially related to my acads, teaching and work posts. they're just eating up my time lately. but now that april is gone, and i am now officially divisible by three (i turned 36 last barbra streisand's bday), time is on my side lately. that's why i can also watch movies again now, on a more regular basis than the past two months.

so sige, iisa-isahin natin ang buhay. maraming oras, maraming kuwento, maraming gawain. who says nakakabagot ang life? ikaw lang. chos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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