03 February 2009

oh good lord, let this be so!

if this happens, huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!

from jeanettewinterson.com:


Is it true that The Passion is being made into a movie?

Yes. Miramax have bought the rights. Gwyneth Paltrow and Juliet Binoche are signed. I'll put more details in the film and TV section when I have them.


i am a huge jeanette winterson fan. my own writings are evident of this, as her very postmodern works have inspired me to delve into metafiction as well. sobra! my favorite winterson novel of all time is THE PASSION, and i even wrote a spin-off fan fiction-ish type of short story inspired by one of the events in that novel. di pa tapos yun, will go back to that one heheh.

my favorite quotes of all time are also there. one inspires me to create more creative recreations of experiences that become my stories ("I am telling you stories. Trust me."). the other one is like a bold declaration which is also a huge note-to-self type ("What you risk reveals what you value.").

but if this book becomes a film, huwaaaaaaw! and si gwyneth pa, at si binoche! huwaaaaaaw! di kinaya ng powers ko ang casting...

hm, i wonder who'll direct it... exciting din ang pd at lighting. shet. can't wait!

kelan kaya?

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