27 February 2009

LDFG vs. Specter: Lovely Day ep I directed saturday morning

shameless plug, as always.

okay lang kung di niyo panoorin. buksan niyo lang ang tv sa ch7 at this time, then sleep again. it works sa ratings!


please tune in to GMA7 this saturday morning at 9:30am and support this 30-minute program.
i directed this episode.

never mind the time in the photo. the show now airs at 9:30am, not 10am. Airing on February 28, 2009

LDFG vs. Specter

Airing on February 28, 2009
Saturday, 9:30 a.m.


The all-girl team of the Muntinlupa Little League has really proven their worth in the game of softball: they just clinched the right to represent NCR in the coming National Games this April!

Hosts Bea Binene and Gabby Roxas will meet the team members and learn the basics of this sport from the coach herself! Coach Nina will teach the two kids how to throw the perfect pitch and strike a winning home run! Bea and Gabby will also meet the youngest member of the league: 10-year old Kevyn Ann Lacson, who has been playing softball since she was 6!


Click! Click! It seems like when it comes to taking beautiful pictures, there are no limits for the students of Kids Ahoy, the country’s only photography school for kids.

From pretty portraits to exciting action shots, kids learn the basics of taking pictures in Kids Ahoy. One of its A-students is Alon Severino, the son of broadcast journalist Howie Severino. Alon will teach Host Bea Binene how to frame shots properly and how to creatively capture memorable moments!

LDFG vs. Specter

The evil partnership of Raijin and the Professor has conceived another evil plan to take the powers of the LD Force: The Specter! The Specter is a ghoulish creature that could suck courage from people, and its main goal is to take the LD Force’s bravery! Both Raijin and the Professor hope that through Specter, the Ld Force will finally surrender their powers!

Will Specter succeed in sucking the courage of the team? How will Love, Bea, Gabby, and Jacob be able to deflect Specter’s power? Find out in Lovely Day Force of the Guardians this Saturday, 9:30 AM on GMA-7!

About the show:

LD Force of the Guardians is the first fantasy – magazine show in Philippine Public Affairs programming. Airing every Saturday at 10 am, the program is starred by Love Anover, Bea Binene, Gabby Roxas and Jacob Raterta.

Formerly known as Lovely Day, this weekly morning show has successfully evolved from a good news magazine show to a fantasy - educational family show, until it created its own genre in television dubbed as the “fanta-zine" – a program that delivers educational and useful information through an entertaining and exciting format.


In the new season, we will see the old Lovely Day Force transform into a stronger league of heroes, the Lovely Day Force of the Guardians.

The episodes that will be aired every week will be part of a series that will delve even deeper into the lives of Love, Bea, Gabby and Jacob and the new challenges that await them.

The new season will also introduce new characters that are bound to spice up your early Saturday viewing experience: Mimoy, the guru who will guide the four, and Raijin, the Lord of Lightning and the arch nemesis who heads a host of monster minions.

Each episode promises to give you a rollercoaster ride of drama, comedy, action and suspense that will surely keep you glued to the succeeding episodes.


The new LD will also bring you the latest and freshest stories for both male and female audiences, young and old alike. These segments will be smoothly interwoven with the fantasy narrative each week.

As Love, Bea, Gabby and Jacob explore their new powers and fight new battles, they will also bring you the latest information and interesting features on different topics.

In her weekly reports, Love gives you the latest on what’s happening around the metro. She looks into the newest breakthroughs and discoveries in and out of the Philippines. She also features inspiring stories of ordinary people living extraordinary lives.

Bea brings you the latest kikay scoop in beauty and fashion. She also checks out the hippest gadgets, cutest toys and coolest inventions that are in with the youth today.

Gabby scouts for the best restaurants and eating spots serving the most delicious dishes.

Jacob explores the popular and hidden wonders of the Philippines and of the world. He also features stories on how to take care of the environment, one of the LD Force of the Guardians’ most important missions.


Lovely Day’s first episode aired on April 3, 2004. Back then, it was a magazine show that delivered the good news to the viewers’ homes to make their weekends lovely and happy.

A few months later, Lovely Day explored the fantasy genre to include the interests of a wider and younger audience. The program presented informative segments interwoven by a fantasy narrative.

The new format was well-received by the public and Lovely Day was able to maintain a loyal following every week.

In 2006, Lovely Day celebrated its second anniversary with an anime-inspired fantasy narrative introducing the new band of superheroes, the Lovely Day Force.

Although the format has changed over the years, Lovely Day’s aim stayed the same: to deliver educational information, to impart good values and to empower people to live lovely lives.

This was recognized by reputable award-giving bodies as Lovely Day received a number of awards and recognitions:
• Catholic Mass Media Awards, Best Children’s Show (2005)
• US Television and Film Festival Certificate of Excellence (2006)
• Anak TV Seal Awardee (2005, 2006 & 2007)

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