10 January 2009

that i always heed

kuya tigerwoods

reminder to self from the stars:

Taurus Horoscopes

(Apr 20 - May 20)

Saturday, Jan 10th, 2009 -- You would be wise to take some time off today and give yourself the gift of rest and relaxation. No matter how busy you may be, you can withdraw for a while by pulling within the privacy of your home or heading out for a personal retreat without anyone knowing where you are going. Remember, it's not about how long you are gone; it's about the quality of time you are willing to create.

go! always happy to oblige :)

especially need this these days, lalo na't napapaligiran tay
o ng kapraningan.

last wednesday, as i was about to leave for class, i felt a t
errible headache, at the usual suspect ang painful area sa may eye socket near the sinuses. of course sinusitis-related ito, so decided to take meds to see if it goes away. pero napaisip din ako. not worth it na to go out and risk it, unlike before na after meds, larga agad/ulit. iba na talaga ang panahon, at ang katawan.

syempre praning ako dahil sa nangyari kay anabel bosch. aneurysm ba naman tumama sa yo, ano panama mo dun? mahirap. and then yesterday
naman, si may bayot naman, heart attack. ano ba! what's with rock stars these days? huwag niyo kami hawaan ng kapraningan sa health. well, too late...

i sincerely hope those two women recover. i know they will. nakaka-off lang dahil malapit sa edad ko ang mga karakter na to, at ganyan na ang nangyayari sa kanila. hm...

kaya interesting for me panoorin kagabi yung THE CURIOUS CAS
E OF BENJAMIN BUTTON. makes you think about life, our temporality regarding mortality, and enjoying whatever comes in between slices of life. review later.

well, bottomline: always be happy, and enjoy. no amount of stres
s is worth it. pera lang yan. trabaho lang yan. aanhin mo ang payroll kung patay ka na o nasa coma ka? morbid thought, but it's a good reality check nonetheless.



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