31 January 2009

redirecting randomness

kaya pala medyo parang ho-hum ang reaction ko sa chenelyns lately, sabi ng stars:

Taurus Horoscopes

(Apr 20 - May 20)

Saturday, Jan 31st, 2009 -- Although your long-term plans may have become more concrete over the past month, they might have slipped away as you moved closer to your goal. Now you are at another crossroads, so reset your compass and take a new bearing on your destination. Don't worry if you decide to head off in a slightly different direction from your previous one. You've learned a lot about yourself and your world, so be prepared to change your course, if necessary.

hm. dami naiisip. dami pinapaisip. dami kelangan isipin. para hindi ipisin. hehe.


plod on muna ang drama, tutal year of the ox naman. baka nga yun ang senyales. baka kelangang may mangyaring major every 12-year cycle ko sa earth. hm... let's see...


nga pala, every sunday na ang labas ng manila times column ko, appropriately grouped sa literary section nila. bet. dami changes doon lately. check it out na lang. yes, both sa dyaryong print pa rin at sa online siya lalabas.


repost ko lang to dito. sa fezbuk itey originally. masaya siyang exercise. masaya na rin ang comment exchange doon.

gawa ka rin. bilis!

okay, let's do this! 25 RANDOM THINGS ABOUT LIBAYISKY

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

(To do this, go to “Notes” under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.)

My 25 Random Things:

1. i can spend hours in front of a computer. obvious ba facebook friends haller! heheh. whether online or off, maraming laman ang computer ko na puwedeng pagkaabalahan, lalo na ngayon! woot!

2. i can write better when i'm beside/in front of a window at may natatanaw na langit at lupa/greenery/scenery kahit gaano katiting. ewan ko kung bakit. hey, it works.

3. i love computer games, pero hindi yung mga masyadong bombastic type na rpg o multi-player chenelyns. wala ako actually tyaga sa ganoon kadetalyeng laro. although ironic, i love citybuilding games, the ones with missions and some kinda aliw graphics, like what impressions games-sierra used to do, with greek civilization/egyptian civ/middle chinese civ games. ay te sinisikatan ako ng araw at nilulubugan kakalaro ng city hehe.

4. i love playing trivia games. trivial pursuit, jeopardy, mga ganun, quiz show types. ewan lang. i am a geek like that. kaya sa timezone, makikita mo kong kinakarir ang super trivia games doon to win the jackpot tickets hehe. hey, nakakulimbat na ko ng enough tix to exchange for a stuff toy. odibah!

5. i don't like dozing off when traveling. i like to look out the window at the scenery kasi, sometimes taking photos, thanks to digicam technology. kahit gabi ang travel. in fact, mas gusto ko yun kasi i love looking at the night lights, see how humans could get creative (or not) in lighting up the dark night. hence, i like looking at neon signs, lighted signs, light fixtures, etc. sometimes i take pictures of these, plus any kind of lighting fixture that interests me. i have lots of photos of these na actually. yes, even during SLR days, in film, on photo paper!

6. i don't get bored. ever. kahit nakatunganga lang ako sa tabi waiting for whatever, kahit sa tingin mo e nabo-bore na ako, hindi ati. ewan kung bakit. i have this knack of entertaining myself with thoughts using things around me as inspiration. pramis. and of course laging muni-muni mode ang moda ng utak ko e. kahit ayaw ko na minsan.

7. i have a bookmark collection. informal naman ito, hindi yung tipong ilalagay ko sa clear plastic folderbook chenes para maprotektahan. wala, andiyan lang sila sa bottom shelf sa library ko.

8. i collect notebooks, the paper type. kaya pag nagta-travel, ito ang binibili ko sa iba't ibang parts ng earth para iuwi. eto ang nakakahon at nakatago para di alikabukin. kolekta lang, parang ayaw kong sulatan. but if i do, eventually, ginagawa ko silang journals.

9. i am a very patient person when dealing with people who want to learn something genuinely,
without just testing you/your knowledge or taunting you or mocking you. i guess that's why i went into teaching. and still surviving. for now.

10. i have little patience (or no sympathy at all) for arrogant people, people who think they already know everything hence you can't contribute something new to their (supposedly existing) body of knowledge, and people who think they know better about anything, even if you actually know better about something they think they know better than you. nalito ka na? hahahahahaha!

11. i have strange reading requirements. i read novels better during long trips, before going to bed, or chilling somewhere while waiting for something or just lounging around, like in a beach. i can't read short stories and creative nonfiction books the same way -- dapat ito sa sofa sa sala o sa couch sa library ko. academic readings i can only read while in a study table of sorts, preferably my dining table; i can't read them anywhere else. and i can't read anything academic or literary in my office. even if i tried. oh, and i read comics better in the john heheh. don't ask why. i don't know. it's just like that.

12. i take pictures of food, preferably close-ups. i like shooting anything in close-ups, actually. strange zooming to detail kumbaga. kaya i just love the macro lens i had before with my SLR. too bad my slr conked out na. :( i miss shooting on film, actually. iba pa rin ang richer image quality ng film granules over digital pixels. e-ver.

13. inggit ako sa mga taong may prubinsiya, the type na may dapat uuwian sila kapag holidays type, you know. unlike me na manila-born and bred na, kahit may province ang grandparents, wala na kasing roots doon to go back to that regularly e.

maybe that's why i like traveling out of manila, kahit saan. which brings me to...

14. i love traveling. if i could make a career out of it, i would. alas, i don't think i can. the taurus in me most times look for some place to root myself to e. e ganun eh. ewan.

15. i love eating grilled/barbecued stuff. anything, lalo na hayup heheh. sorry vegan friends, di ko talaga kaya isuko e. but i tried! semi-vegan dati, 2006, 6 months. it worked! but man, i miss my momma's mean medium rare steaks and her superb tinumis dish (nueva ecijan version of dinuguan - not that bloody and not masabaw) yum... so sorry. :P

16. i'm a purist when it comes to movies. i really like to watch them inside a moviehouse, not in front of a tv or even a projector-on-the-wall set-up. basta. may ganun.

17. everything i learned in dealing with people (PR, showbiz, plastikan, cautious, baragan, sindakan, suyuan, etc.) i learned in ma'm malou de guzman's acting class in college. man, it works, i tell you. take it from me, a former introvert from age 3-19. do i look introverted to you nowwwww???? heheh. :P

18. if given the chance, i would have wanted to dance professionally, as in for a living, o basta nagto-tour at nagpe-perform ng dances chenelyn, parang troupe or part of a musical stage play or some kind of dance group na naiimbitahan sa shows (puwera sa master showman ha hehe :P may tulugan ang nais ko). you know what i mean. as in, dig ko sanang mag-ballet at jazz when i was still young enough for that. alas, pop dancing in high school and some hiphop classes post-college lang ang na-keri ng lola mong gawin. plus of course disco dancing stuff. ganun.

19. if given the chance din, i would have wanted to do more sports pa sana when i was small. alas, di kineri ng lungs ko dahil hikain ako noon, so laging bench ang byuti ko, or excused because. luz! i would really have wanted to excel in martial arts, actually. kaya uber-dig ko ang arnis lessons namin dati nina fire (ehehehe, hint hint). i also wanted to play baseball since i was in high school. luz ang school namin, walang matinong sports program e. kaya ayan, nagbasa na lang ako ng nagbasa ng libro. at naging writer. nubah. laki tuloy pwet ko.

20. i prefer drinking chocolate milk than plain white milk.

21. i like sampling different cuisines. kahit cuisines within cuisines bet rin. street food lalo na. street food all over the world. syempre pipiktyuran ko rin sila.

22. i must have really been a gypsy in a past life (lives). ilang "readers" na ang nakakita nito e. gypsy na nomad na tumatawid somewhere in the Mediterranean areas of the world, na may elements ng things i like like violin (frustrated instrument to learn), greek / mediterranean / persian food (esp lamb! lamb dishes! i heart lamb), red wine, india, some egyptian things, greek mythology, and bellydancing.

therefore, i prefer couscous over rice. mas madali siyang lutuin actually. di ko pa naman itatakwil ang pagka-asian ko tho. i still like some dishes with rice. can you imagine adobo with couscous? luz.

23. in college, i used to eat carrots and drink orange juice for breakfast. i am not a big breakfast fan -- until nag-film production work na ako at naging necessity siya sa life. nowadays, hindi na ulit. but i like taking brunches.

24. i used to like wearing grey shirts. ngayon, pang-workout na lang sila. but before it was hip to wear black or all-black, i already preferred wearing black clothes. panahon pa na di pa pinapanganak ang mga "emo kids," before the "goth" label was also introduced.

25. i prefer writing in a white-text-on-black-background mode. hindi kasi ako nasisilaw sa ganito. ganito ang settings ng lahat ng computer ko. kaya aakalain mong nagco-code ako o parang may ginagawang techie stuff sa computer pero nagsusulat lang naman ako sa msword o openofc. at kapag naki-type ka sa computer ko, mapapagod mata mo kung di ka sanay sa ganito hehe. sorry.

o hah, karir itoh! sige, sumagot din kayo. kahit wala sa tag. go!

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