28 October 2008

what part of "leave me alone" can't you understand?

phone-in question from the stars.

sige, i'm listening.

and so is she.

Taurus Horoscopes

(Apr 20 - May 20)

Tuesday, Oct 28th, 2008 -- The New Moon in your 7th House of Partnerships can complicate your relationship life, especially if you are struggling with boundary issues. It's hard to maintain clarity when you are up against the place where a friendship can turn into a more intimate relationship. Tread carefully, for an error in judgment can temporarily sour a sweet situation.

yes, yes, we know, we know.

at least we're listening! unlike some people out there. can't get the fucking message.

sorry i'm having some *issues* right now.

hay nakuh. some people just don't fucking get it.


di ba nga, sabi ni kuya x, we don't care for global warming. WE DON'T RECYCLE. EXES, ESPECIALLY. kahit friendsheepan moda lang yan. nubah. WTF! and most specially, WHAT FOR????????????????????????????????????? and after all these years??????????????????????????? taena. labo.

chew and spit.



peram mantra mo, kuya ha.

unicorns, unicorns...


kanya-kanya tayong processes, believe me. don't include me in yours. mind your own space dust. i am happy in my galaxy right now, away from your system.

leave me alone!

hay! heniwey, yung gustong mag-inuman lang sa undas holidays, my haus is open. bring your own booze/pulutan. and swimwear. dip tayong lahat. i'll provide the *extra joss* hehe. choz.


now, saan nga ba kong lgbt halloween gig pupunta? handameng choices kasi!

ikaw, san ka pupunta?

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