02 October 2008

PANOORIN SA SABADO: motorcyclist from hell, literal

opo, ako na naman po ang nagdirek nito. ang hirap niyang i-shoot ha. hay...

again, dedma sa oras sa photo. mas maaga na siya.

nood kayo. o buksan lang tv tas tulog ulit hehe.

Force of the Guardians

Saturday 9:30-10am


Airing on October 4, 2008
Saturday, 9:30 a.m.

Speed stacking

Host Bea Binene witnesses a competition of wit and speed in a Speed Stacking event! Here, kids will race to complete cycles of stacking cups in a matter of seconds. Speed Stacking was invented by American Professor Wayne Godinet to amuse his students during class. Now, it has become a rising fad, and one of its avid fans in the Philippines is 10-year old Joshua Calidades, who can stack cups in under 10 seconds!

Meanwhile in a Rubik’s Cube-solving event, Bea meets kids who have the extraordinary talent of completing a Rubik’s cube! A Rubik’s cube is a mechanical cube puzzle that has its faces covered with 9-solid colored stickers. It uses a pivot mechanism that allows players to turn the faces independently and make them complete a solid color. Rubik’s cube has become so popular in the Philippines that even kids became avid fans like 6-year old JR Simbulan, who can complete the cube in less than a minute!


Meanwhile host Jacob Raterta gets dirty on the road as he attends a karting competition. Here, he meets champion racer Milo Rivera, who became champion at the Asian Karting Open at the age of thirteen! Through the help of Pia Boren, a racer and instructor from the Tuason Racing Team, Jacob gets to try karting.

In his visit to Richard Pacheco’s house, Jacob also finds out that cool race cars aren’t only found on the race track. Because Richard has a collection of more than sixty F1 model cars in his home and some of these models cost more than 10 thousand pesos! Part of his prized collection is a model of F1 idol Michael Schumacher and his winning Ferrari.

LDFG vs. Speed Demon Knight

Speed Demon Knight is a very powerful monster who was formed from the negative energies of car accidents and road mishaps. Using his flaming motorcycle with Demonic Strength and Demonic Speed, he aims to wreak more havoc on the streets! His speed is unbeatable, frightening and beating anyone who would dare to race with this him.

But this time, he’s the one making the challenge and takes the LD Force to a dangerous race! How will the LD Force outsmart and beat Speed Demon Knight? Can the power of the Guardians match Speed Demon Knight’s strength and speed?

gabby transforms into a motorcycle in this ep,

hence the need for the chroma green screen

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