14 August 2008

beveraging naman

hm, no wonder this is my favorite poison of choice of all time...


It is nothing more than ethanol and water. And precisely for that reason, vodka makes the perfect mix.

This crystalline libation is the drink least likely to give one hangovers or headaches. It leaves no telltale scent of liquor on ones’ breath—truly a breathless experience. For those who want to come clean with not a hint of guilt, it is the clear choice. The reason is its purity.

Unlike wines, beers, liqueurs and spirits that are colored by tannin, enlivened by sparkle and froth or flavored and sweetened by the fruit or grain for which they were derived, vodka is repeatedly distilled and filtered to absolute purity. One simply can no longer tell its fermented origins, be it potatoes, rye, wheat or sugar beet. And unlike gin, which is redistilled with juniper and other botanicals, vodka is pure, readily imparting its sensuously smooth crystalline fire to any number of concoctions.

delish. read the rest of the article here.

at dahil nasa manila times page na lang din kayo, read na rin my column for today.



By Libay Linsangan Cantor
Why don’t Filipino readers read Filipino authors?

In a public lecture about the current state of the Philippine novel, award-winning literary writer Professor Jose “Butch” Dalisay’s talk induced yet another thought-provoking insight for this scribe. In his lecture, Dalisay said that, contrary to what people have been saying, Filipinos love to read. But, he added, they’re just not reading us. By us, he meant local Filipino authors, especially Filipino novelists.

Interesting observation, and I wonder why that is so. Some curious people also wondered, and asked him some plausible reasons. Sir Butch mentioned that perhaps the kinds of novels local writers come out with have topics that may not be of interest to our audiences anymore. This might be a sad fact, but it may also be a valid fact.

eto siya in whole.

shameless plug :)


er, going back to that beverage thingie, here's an interesting story din:

Milk bank opens in Makati City, draws over 130 mother-donors
By Julie M. Aurelio
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 22:49:00 08/14/2008

MANILA, Philippines - Over 130 women donated breast milk to a newly opened community milk bank in Makati City on Thursday to help babies who could not be breastfed by their mothers.

Women from all over Makati City went to the Guadalupe Nuevo Barangay Hall to give at least five ounces of breast milk for processing.


um, tanong lang. di ba napapanis ang gatas? hm...

la lang.

blood bank. sperm bank. milk bank.

what will they think of next?


bakit ba ko obsessed sa pag-inom today? hm, must be the buhos ng ulan inspiring me to down something. well actually, eto na nga ehehe. sweet red wine from portugal. bago to ha! i like my friendly neighborhood grocery. expansive ang wine supply, na mura pa! hehehe. ayuz.

haggard din ang araw na to. well, actually, yung afternoon lang.

josmeh. i learned this afternoon that grown-ups could be such fucking idiota babies. fucking babies. hindi nga children e, kasi yung child, may level of coherence and intelligence na. ito...hay. babies. palakasan ng uha.

oh well. happy co-existence na lang. at iinom na lang natin yan! hahahaha.

and yes, some of you need to get laid. including me. mwahahahaha! the floor is now open for volunteers and prospects. hehehehe :P

tama na. may tama na ang portuguese wine hehe. agua de beber na itey hahaha.


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