30 July 2008

will i be __? will i be __ ?

que sera sera ang drama nitoh.

Your horoscopes for Wednesday July 30, 2008

General Daily Horoscope for everyone

There is a noticeable difference between what we feel and how we actually behave today. With the Sun, Mercury and Venus all in expressive Leo, we are likely to act dramatically because we want to be seen and loved for what we do best. But the Moon in cautious Cancer reminds us to keep our deepest emotions private, creating a gulf between the inner and the outer. We are further unsettled as loving Venus forms an uneasy quincunx to rebellious Uranus.

Taurus Horoscopes

(Apr 20 - May 20)

Wednesday, Jul 30th, 2008 -- You may be busier than you wish, but there's not much you can do about it now other than keeping up with your commitments the best you can. Keep in mind that your attitude can impact your happiness as much as anything else can. If you complain, your entire day can turn sour. But if you allow yourself to feel the positive energy within and share it with others, you can easily turn your day around.

why do i keep forgetting that it's all about the reaction after all? that if you react negatively to the situation, then it's you that's negative, not the situation. kumbaga, depende sa reaction mo yun, hindi sa sitwasyon.

attitude. kung nega ka, nega na lahat.

ayoko nang dumikit sa nega.

sa totoo lang.

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