13 July 2008

the strangest thing happened last night...

it was past 10pm and i was slicing some carrots in the kitchen area when i heard a faint meow of a lost cat. the meow turned into a desperate one as it was clear that the cat felt it was in a warpzone. see, i live in a building now, a condominium, so sounds like this truly are strange indeed, especially since i live higher than the third floor where one would still assume that street sounds actually came form the streets due to the floor-street proximity. but not this one.

the sound became louder and louder, so i decided to check it out. when i opened the door, a grayish-black adult cat was at my doorstep, and immediately made lambing on my foot. strange. i assumed it was a she. she had a bruise on its batok and it looked thin, like diet-thin. i don't know where it came from, but it can't stay, definitely.

so i grabbed my jacket and tried to befriend it so it will walk with me towards the elevator. several unsuccessful elevator tries later, i gave up and decided to go to the lobby and alert security to take care of it. i think they did. no more meows this morning. just the sound of raindrops landing on everything i could see in my room with a view.



anyway, here is today's reading. the general one is interesting so i decided to post that, too.

Taurus Horoscopes

(Apr 20 - May 20)

General Daily Horoscope for everyone

Our irrational emotions rule the first part of the day when the Moon is still in reactive Scorpio, but we may not express all that we feel. Even if we do share our inner process, the energy shifts dramatically when the Moon enters fiery Sagittarius at 11:49 am EDT. Withholding our intentions or desires no longer makes sense, for we are more assured now of a positive outcome if only we have the courage to let others know about our hopes and dreams.

Sunday, Jul 13th, 2008 -- Paradoxically, your interactions with others become more complex as you try to be more sensitive to their feelings. Naturally, you could find yourself in a battle of wills when you have your own specific agenda, but at least everyone knows each other's position. It sounds good at first when you state your willingness to be flexible, but now you must jointly decide where to take it next.

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