22 June 2008

forgot to plug

this month's issue (june) of mega magazine features some articles of mine.

i did ruffa gutierrez' cover story, one of the three covers this month. gimik nila to release different covers of the same issue. what the hey. i guess they have unlimited paper supply.

masaya siya kausap. malaman ang ten minutes. unlike other people we know... blah.

also inside, the 10 most beautiful women chenes, one of them being bea alonzo, the new betty la fea of local tv. yeah i did her interview, too.

i also have some book reviews there as usual.

i never bothered to plug the may ish. book reviews lang naman e.

excited ako sa august cover, though. it's apples aberin. i did her, too. at malaman din.

ang sarap makakilala ng magagandang babaeng matalino. unlike some people out there...

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