23 March 2008

UPFI curriculum change orientation: learn the changes on March28

If Film 112 Language and Grammar of Film becomes Film 131 Narrative Cinema, Film 113 Film Production I gets abolished, Directing/Production Design/Editing/Cinematography/Acting/Production Management becomes a required course, Film Genres/National Cinemas becomes an elective, your third year will require you to have 21 units per sem, what happens to your status as a film major? are you still entitled to enroll in new subjects like Film and the Other Arts, History of World Cinema, and Film 101 Introduction to Film Production?

More importantly, will the labfees increase with these changes in the UPFI curriculum? How much will your tuition be next year?

Filnd out this Friday, March 28, 2pm at the CMC auditorium.

The UPFI academic division will present the changes that will happen in the film program's curriculum starting next schoolyear.

We need UPFI students' opinions about the changes, particularly the labfee changes. If you want your voice to be counted, please attend this curriculum change orientation. This is your institute, so we want to hear from you.

Graduating students are also encouraged to join. We need to hear from you because, of all the students, you could give us more insight regarding the state of UPFI in terms of academic and technical performance.

Please come. Forward to your friends and classmates.

Thank you.

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