21 February 2008

tapwe tanong

dahil nagpapaantok at ayaw nang magtrabaho muna hehe... nakaw sarbey mula sa downelink post ni ms dj lush


1. Is someone in love with you?
:: gosh, i certainly hope so! this girl na jowa ko. :)

2. Do you know anyone named Dan?
:: wala ata

3. What color is your couch?
:: slight orangey sa sala, black sa reading room

4. Has anyone ever mistaken you for a family member?
:: oo. annoying ito.

5. What do you currently want?
::more time to do things

6. Favorite ice cream
:: used to be jamocha ng baskin

9. Does someone like you right now?
:: ewan ko. siguro yung love din ako hehe

10. Say you were given a drug test right now. Would you pass or fail?
:: super pass ateng. which reminds me, i better call my supplier...chos.

11. Favorite pop-tart flavor?
:: i don't eat this

12. Do you know anyone in jail/prison?
:: no but i want to send people i know in prison

13. What are your plans for the weekend?
:: quality time with my girlfriend

14. Do you like the color green?
:: depends on the shade but generally, yea

15. What is your dad's best friend's name?
:: i don't know who his best friend is right now so no

16. Favorite book right now?
:: wala pa

17. Who was the last person to send you a text message?
:: my mom

18. Ever driven into the ghetto to buy drugs?
:: pag feeling ko si angelina jolie ako playing GIA, oo :P

19. Last restaurant you went to?
:: counted ba ang javi's? i got my lamb fix there the other night hehe

20. Favorite kind of candy?
:: the one that doesn't taste like soap

21. Last voice mail you received?
:: wala akong ganun

22. What did you do last weekend?
:: went to my girlfriend's house to be with her and her family

23. What's the first thing you would do with five million dollars?
:: convert it to pesos so i could buy more things and give some to people i love, like my girlfriend and my mom. oh, and finally pay the bank thing for this condo para wala nang monthly-monthly

24. How many hours did you sleep for last night?
:: 8 ata

25. Milkshakes...or Blizzards?
:: both! but mostly, milkshakes rule

26. Who's the last person that you felt was stalking you?
:: i can't say. i think she's reading this hahahahahahaha >:)

27. Have you ever been on your school's track team?
:: yes, i was a meter-dash thingie runner chuva in high school, until the damn boobs grew. so that was the end of my teenage sports endeavors. asar

28. What jewelry are you wearing?
:: not into it anymore

29. What's your middle name?
:: bitch

30. If all of your friends were going on a road trip, would you?
:: oo naman. done that na before lotsa times

31. Favorite drink?
:: ice cold water

32. Do you swear at your parents?
:: swear with, oo. swear at, no.

33. Is your phone right beside you?
:: no

34. Last person you couldn't take your eyes off?
:: yung manong sa fx kasi mukhang mandurukot

35. Do you think someone is thinking about you right now?
:: i guess, kasi hindi ako makatulog e

36. Do you untie your shoes every time you take them off?
:: not really hehe

37. What is the color of your bedsheet?
:: blue and white ek

38. Have you ever crawled through a window?
:: crawled, jumped from, went through, yeah

39. Are you photogenic?
:: sana! haha

40. Are you single?
:: sabi nga ni lea salonga as kim sa miss saigon when confronted by that viet evil soldier dude "not anymore!"

41. Where do you spend most of your money?
:: on food! nay, on monthly amortizations! and bills!

42. What was the last thing you did?
:: listen if it's raining (it is)

43. Do you have a tattoo?
:: soon! pramis

44. Do you still watch cartoons on Saturday mornings?
:: what saturday mornings? i get up at noon on saturdays

45. Is there a secret you haven't told any of your friends?
:: if i tell them, e di hindi na secret

46. What time is it?
:: a lil over 1am

47. Have you ever changed your clothes while in a vehicle?
:: oh yeah, and while i am driving! beat that!

48. What are you doing in 2008?
:: getting rid of emotional baggage i've been lugging for years. i wanna travel light this year.

49. What is your ringtone?
:: funny coincidence. it's SELLING THE DRAMA by live, which talks about fake christian televangelists fooling people with false faith. if only for these lines "now we won't be raped / hey hey / now we won't get scarred like that / hey hey"

damn christians

50. What were you doing at 2am last night?
:: figuring out why my blogpost won't appear

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