14 December 2007

huling hirit ng pride weekend

ay, masaya itey! kitakits sa lovapalooza! tsup tsup! i am so there! taralets!


The 2007 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT)
Pride March Post Parade Party
(featuring The Great LGBT Kiss Fest)
December 15, 2007, Saturday, 10 pm, Government Bar, Makati City

The Post Parade Party

Every year, Task Force Pride (TFP), the official network that sponsors the annual pride parade in Manila holds an official after-party to celebrate the success of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Pride March.

This year’s post-parade party, which will be held on December 15, 2007, Saturday at 10 pm at Government Bar in Makati, as in the previous years, aims not only to give members of TFP, its volunteers and all those who supported the Pride March a chance to meet each other and have fun but also to showcase the achievements of TFP and its organizational and individual members to encourage greater participation from the LGBT community here and abroad.

The Great LGBT Kiss Fest (a.k.a. Our Own Version of ‘Lovapalooza’)

On September 1, 2007, almost 7000 couples in Tuzla , Bosnia kissed for 10 seconds thereby breaking the previous Guinness World Kissing Records set by Hungary and the Philippines .

In June this year, 6614 couples gathered in Hungary for synchronized osculation beating the February event in Manila dubbed Lovapalooza with its tally of 6124 couples.

Up to now it is not clear whether LGBT couples were allowed to participate in the Manila kiss fest. Some say they were not. Others say they were, but were not counted.

To put matters to rest, this Saturday we will be holding The Great LGBT Kiss Fest! This community kiss-in aims to gather the largest number of LGBT couples to kiss for 10 seconds as a culminating activity to this year’s Manila pride celebrations. The kiss fest is our community’s way of celebrating LGBT love and will be our greatest show of pride and passion for the LGBT cause.

Gates open at 10 pm for on site registration followed by a short program featuring various performances to entertain the crowd prior to the kiss fest.


ATTIRE: Please wear something pink (or any of its versions) to be allowed to enter the Kissing Area in Government.

ELIGIBILITY: To join the kiss fest, you and your partner have to be an adult under Philippine law (i.e., you must be 18 years old and above). To prove that you are of legal age, kindly bring any of the following: an ID that shows your birth date (e.g., driver’s license, etc.), an ID and/or a copy of your birth certificate.

BEFORE THE EVENT: To ensure participation, member organizations of TFP including its partners will pre-register couples from now until December 14, 2007, Friday. TFP members are encouraged to pledge a minimum number of couples for the event.

DURING THE EVENT: On-site registration starts at 10 pm at the TFP Booth in front of Government. A separate sign-up sheet for those who want to join TFP will also be available.

WHY KISS IN: Every year we celebrate pride but tend to forget that what we are, in fact, celebrating is love: love for ourselves, our dignity and rights and love for our significant others who are at the core of our LGBT identities. And of course, we’re just really looking for an excuse to kiss in public!

So let’s celebrate LGBT love! Pucker up and come to The Great LGBT Kiss Fest! (If you are single, find a willing partner or friend and join the kiss in!)

See you there!

at ito pa! noon ko pa gusto jumoin pero wala ako kakampi hehe.

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