03 September 2007

sudden cravings

at one in the frigging morning, i suddenly get cravings i know i will never,ever ever get anyway. what is that? this is weird.

a couple f days ago, while writing on my journal, i suddenly had the craving for my mom's home-cooked chicken adobo, the one she brings to family outings (swimming vacations mostly), the kind without much sauce/sabaw in it and the adobo flavor just sticks inside the meat talaga, lalo na sa balat ng manok, kaya ang sarap sa mainit na malatang kanin yummyyyyy. bakhet?

kanina naman, while having my usual nightcap here, i was reading something of an event happening at puerta isabel at muralla street in intramuros, location of the old poetry haunt called sanctum owned by a dyke couple. and how i missed going there just listening to music or poetry being bounced off those more than a hundred years old walls while i make my way to the bar, yet again, to get a drink for me and my friends, not because i was such a pushover or was such a nice errand girl but it gave me an excuse to go to the bar and ogle with intent at the crush ng bayan bartender who happens to be one-half of the owners. too bad she was/is taken, huh. yeah, much to our chagrin hehehehe...

man i miss those days.

well, at least tomorrow--or later na pala--one of my food cravings will be satisfied na. been wanting to go have dinner at bistro just to eat their sarap na lengua dish, kaya lang di ko nga feel lately ang mga tumutugtog doon so dapat mas sulit ang gig at dinner combi di ba? so bukas i arranged for us to have lunch with lengua. ayan, diyan kami nagkakasundo sobra ni sir nic hehe. lengua lovers kami pareho ayuz. hehe. buti na lang walang strict vegetarian sa faculty. but anyway, i also have them prepare fish and veggies for those who want to keep in shape for their hada mode--este teaching mode hehehehe. you know who they are. chos.

more next time.

good luck nga pala sa mga magde-defend ng thesis proposals mamaya. MATULOG NA KAYOOOO! HAHAHAHA.

ako rin.

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  1. I wonder what percentage of Sanctum's revenues was due to patron's wanting to ogle that infamous bartender? On the other hand, a more interesting percentage of revenues would be that which was due to the other owner's nazi-like ways of REQUIRING orders from all guests? Kawawa naman sina Renchie noon, I think they split a coffee among four people kasi walang anda. Hay, those were the days!