11 July 2007

kill me now + electric jeep + prick flick + losing isaiah

just a little before i turn in.

still reeling from the effect of hyper-hyperacidity that attacked this stomach of mine last thursday. bad trip!!!!!! now i belong to the hyperacidity anonymous club. kainis. which means no more of my usual cravings of coffee, tea or alcohol. add to that the banning of yosi pa. kababalik ko nga lang eh, aalis na agad! wah! wala nang natira! sabi ng friend ko, bawa
l na din ang tomato-based stuff. anubayaaaaan. basta anything acidic daw. e ako pa naman si citrus freak ever, asim lover super, basta sour is the new sweet for me. grrrrr. like, i always have orange juice whenever i remember to have breakfast, suka as sawsawan, manggang hilaw (bagoong rocks!), my love affair with kamatis (salsa rules!). bawasan din daw ang dairy products, esp cheese (au revoir camembert et brie) and ice cream! puta naman o. kill me now. wala nang natira. tangina skyflakes at tubig forever ba drama nito!!! wah i protest!

mahilig pa naman akong kumain at magsampol ng world cuisines. kainiz. hirap ng ganitong limitasyon ah... bad treef.


anyway, speaking of trip, i want
one of these for christmas:

cute yung pink! puwede pang-pride march hehe. more at marninay's multiply.


and this is why we heart gloria steinem:
I propose, as the opposite of "chick flick" and an adjective of your very own, "prick flick." Not only will it serve film critics well, but its variants will add to the literary lexicon. For example, "prick lit" could characterize a lot of fiction, from Philip Roth to Bret Easton Ellis and beyond. "True prick" could guide readers to their preferred non-fiction, from the classics of Freud to the populist works of socio-biologists and even Rush Limbaugh.

Most of all, the simple label "prick flick" could lead you easily and quickly through the thicket of televised, downloaded and theatrical releases to such attractions as:

All the movies that glorify World War II. ...All the movies that glorify Vietnam, bloody regional wars, and the war on terrorism. ...All the movies that portray violence against women, preferably beautiful, sexy, half-naked women. ... All the movies that insist female human beings are the only animals on earth that seek out and even enjoy their own pain. ...

award ang lola! read her full article on alternet.

nga naman. kung may chick lit, dapat may prick lit. it rhymes!


while resting from sickness, i caught LARRY KING LIVE on cnn and it had isaiah washington there. tama ba name, yung guy na na-fire sa GREY'S ANATOMY (sorry i don't watch the show) kasi he used the word "faggot" sa set. this caused a great furor dahil yung isang co-star niya ay napa-out bigla, si TR Knight (tama ba sp?) and i caught his interview sa ELLEN after this incident naman. tapos nag-deny si isaiah pero inulit niya sa GOLDEN GLOBES. grabe. ibang klase.

pero in fairness to him, he made a public service tvc under glaad.org and he underwent counseling daw. sige whatever.

man, nakakatawa yung mga arguments niya. he contradicts himself every after commercial gap, i swear. sasabihin niya apologetic siya dahil sa hindi daw niya alam ang gravity ng words, tapos after a gap sasabihin niya he believes words have power, tapos after another gap sasabihin niya we have to be careful of the words we use, tapos another gap (ang daming gaps ng cnn potah) sasabihin niya nag-iiba ang context ng words depende sa gumamit etc... i lost count na sa incredulousness ng kanyang statements.

e hindi na ko magugulat na ganito siya, medyo he fits the profile pala of your typical garden-variety american homophobe -- grew up in a so-called redneck state (texas, where their idiot president is from), had military training (don't ask, don't tell?) and is a family man chenes. larry king slightly wanted to refer if there were traces of racism naman sa firing niya. hindi masagot ng diretso ng lolo. he's african american kasi. pero malabo na ito this day and age sa showbiz, not with people like oprah and the hiphop moguls ruling the airwaves. ano sila hilo?

pero homophobia, oo. ito ang hindi pa nawawala sa society at large. theirs, and even ours. the whole world's, even. ganda lang ng CSI NY yesterday when this bigot who killed a tranny said "what i see, i done the world a big favor by killing him." sabi ni detective "and i'm doing it an even bigger favor" then locked him up. kabog ka.

wala e. kahit mag-atone siya sa sins niya, nabahiran na siya nun at hindi na iyon mawawala pa sa balat niya. mahirap talaga kapag nababahiran ka ng ganito. dapat matuto na talaga ang mga tao. hay... kairita panoorin pero i just had to, just to see how he will weasel his way out of it. to no avail. kahit si larry king napapa-ismid. luz.

reminded me of that great scene sa PHILADELPHIA where tom hanks the HIV-positive gay corporate lawyer shakes hands and meets for the first time denzel washington's lawyer for hire character. when tom said "i have AIDS" denzel slowly stops shaking hands, turns a bit, his back to tom, and slowly wipes his palm (yung pinang-handshake niya) sa pants niya. beautifully acted and directed scene. subtle yet strong ang impact. para kasing ganun yung fez ni isaiah most times, like denzel's face after that handshake. classic. bigotry at its finest.

to echo the slogans, HEY HEY! HO HO! HOMOPHOBIA'S GOT TO GO!



okay gotta rest na. ciao.

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